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Nature's Lullaby

February 21, 2021
By Daniel-T BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
Daniel-T BRONZE, Indialantic, Florida
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A soothing autumn breeze flows through the darkened silk robes of a dreary horizon. The trees solemnly drift and step in the twilight, as the skyward reaching meadow tucks the sun in for the night. Across the ocean of sweeping grass, a frosty breeze meets the night and sends skin piercing currents through the meadow home. To the tree tops all squirrels scramble, and silently the deer make a high kneed catwalk into the protection of the brush.

Steadily the full moon illuminates the lucid sky as the tree tops reach out in awe to the heaven blessed constellations. Now waltzing among the worshipers, the icy wind howls, harmonizing alongside a lone wolf. Lacing through the forest, the frostbitten wind rustles and crunches the fallen leaves. Finally, as midnight envelopes the world in dreams, the earth drifts into a silent slumber as the wind chants an ancient prayer.

The author's comments:

This piece is meant to represent the flow of nature and how one piece will influence everything else.

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