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Lost In Between

December 20, 2019
By Anonymous

 Lost In Between 

After many years of rich and popular girl (  Frist day of public High school! There’s always end to happiness and there's always end to sadness. We all love to be our story happy ending just like Fairy tale stories. There is no one in the world who doesn’t want to be happy but the thing is we are confusing about the things that make us happy. The thing is I have been my whole life known other people of been rich and popular but not known myself to improve that this para is about yourself info, and I don’t know expected my name is not that I don’t know it just that the fact that I don’t know what I’m good at or do I have habits.) 

History teacher: That was 15 minutes. Guys If you don’t finish this is going to be your only Summative Assessment homework for the rest of the year. this should be easy for you to take your time to do this summative Assessment 

Students: Homework. UGH, homework for the first day of school. 

History teacher: Anyone wants to share?

Only 4 of the students shared what they like and their habits and the others didn’t want to share and make new friends but  Alisa didn’t say anything the whole time in every class. She didn’t want to be like her dad so she studies and studies all the time. One day she slept in the class of history she was dreaming when her mom left her. Edward saw her tear at the end of the class he asked her 

Edward: Are you okay Alisa. Alisa is your name, right?

Alisa: I’m alright and yeah my name is Alisa and who are you?
Edward: I’m Edward I always stay next to you remember!

Alisa: oh, right Edward. Well, I have to go now goodbye.

From that day they start talking to each other and they become close to each other. what she doesn’t know is Edward has feelings for her and there is the mean girl that is jealous of Alisa that always trying to make fun of her.

Felise: what you get there rich Alisa? Oh right since you are in the public schools should I call you poor Alisa or homeless. 

Alisa didn’t say anything because she knows she was going to be in trouble and this the last thing she was thinking of. Felise leave Alisa alone by saying “ you are a boring person” 

Felise: what are you reading let me see, what the hell?

Nerd person: give it back.

Felise: why don’t you have a friends nerd want be friends?

Alisa: leave her alone.

Felise: who said that?

Alisa: me.

Felise: Alisa mind your own businesses you are new in here aren’t you. Things don’t go here as the same exactly you rich school if you can’t follow the rules go back to your old school, oh, right I forget now you are “poor” Alisa or do you like to be like Ilhah.

Nerd persons: mind your own businesses.

Bilhah( nerd person) was trying to save Alisa by not make her involve with Felise the mean girl but Bilhah did know nothing about Alisa.

Alisa: Her name is Bilhah and you nothing except a bully that thinks is the best but you just a monster how to do you call yourself a human there is nothing worse than you are the last thing that should be in the earth. people like you are just garbage shouldn’t be on earth.

Felise and Alisa fight till they one of them bleed and everyone in the lunch was taking a video of the fight and things get worst after that teacher come to break the fight and Bilhah said to Alisa  

Bilhah: Don’t you think you were been too harsh she wasn’t that bully and I didn’t ask for the help she didn’t even say harsh things like you did.

Alisa: Don’t get the wrong idea I wasn’t trying to help you she remind me of someone I hate.

The main office called Alisa’s dad when he comes he was a surprise of what happened. When they arrive home Alisa wasn’t want to talk about it especially to her dad asked her to sat at the table so they can have a talk but refused to talk to her dad, her dad starts yelling at her and she said to him 

Alisa: If you just listen to mom none of the would have happened if all your fault you and mom would be still thought and you smoke and get a drink to pretend as nothing happened I wish you die I hate you so much.

Alisa has always blamed her father of what happened but she doesn’t know really what happens.

She goes to sleep at her mom’s house, and her dad drank so much and smoking after one day when she gets back she saw her dad on the floor. She didn’t know what to did.

Alisa: Dad, dad, dad wake up. I’m sorry dad. Dad! DAD. 

She calls her mom.

Alisa: mom dad is not answering me I think he i-

Alisa’s mom: Alisa are you alight is your dad bleeding?

Alisa: NO, he is not bleeding but is hard to tell if he is breathing or not mom 

Alisa’s mom: will be on my way.

When they get to the hospital they Docter said that he needs surgery and him properly going make it and the doctor asks to that do they know that he has lung cancer. They were shocked and the doctor asks if they can make surgery as possible they can or he will die also if he did the surgery is 10% he still is live. They agreed that he should take the surgery.

Alisa: mom it’s all my fault if I didn’t say to him that I hate him and I wish he dies.

Alisa’s mom: don’t blame yourself don’t do that mistake I did. wait.

 After 6 hours and he still in the surgery. 

Doctor: He not a dangerous stage but we did our best you have you be patience till he wakes up 

After days of not getting sleep. Her mom asks her why she said those words to her dad and Alisa tell her why and her mom said that it wasn’t her dad’s fault.

Alisa’s mom: I was the one who wants to be divorced because of your dad’s work.  your dad and I work together one day I did business that cost all the money we get it didn’t work I blamed myself for that so I want to be divorced from your dad but your dad try not let me stay I refuse to stay you dad lie to you so you don’t hate your mom. because he knows how the mother is important because he did have a mother.   

 Now she knows everything her mom was trying to makes her feel better by telling her the truth but it makes her feel worst. She doesn’t want to talk to her mom Ailsa was lost. After a week by knowing her dad dies she goes to school as nothing happened. Try to make her make up woke.

 She passes every class except history. Alisa goes to ask the history teacher is there any Summative Assessment pass his class he said 

 History teacher: yeah there is?

Alisa: what is can I still do it.

History teacher: yeah you still can do it if you want to, is the summative assessment when you talk about yourself and if you want to share that would be 5 creds for the summative. 

Alisa: thank you Mr.B.

MR.B: I’m sorry about your father.

Alisa: Mr. B why did you make this assessment summative?

Mr.B: Well because as a kid I didn’t know anything when I was your age and that takes me tike to accept who I am and what I want to be and I want a teacher that to kids just like you. There is much kid that they don’t like history. They say is boring and none since but we learn history so we don’t do that mistake the older did. 

  Alisa put her emotions in this assessment she works so hard she ignores of been sad and kept going. And when the assessment due she shared it.


 Mr.B: Alisa is your turn do you want to share it?

Alisa: Yeah. so you all probably know me as the bully. I’m not bully I was trying to be one. things I can do know how to play the piano, know how to sing and dance and I was the first in the school. I don’t say I’m better than anyone in here but I am. It wasn’t because I was rich it is because I work hard. I wasn’t smart enough to not know that my dad has cancer I was the reason my dad die you can call me a monster. Have moments with the people you love before rejecting it.  Life tody’s moment because tomorrow there will be no moment, the end. 


Comparing and blames just wast of the time those two things we do a lot we also reject

To do it. Forgive is not just means you forgive others it also means to heal your body,    mind and your spirit.

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It's depressing 

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