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February 28, 2019
By julianatomecki SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
julianatomecki SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
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The score reads Home: 24 and Guests: 23. One more point and we can win it all. The whistle blows. I bring my jersey to my face and wipe of my sweat. My body lowers to the ground. My hand touches the floor, and I put my arms out like a tray. The server does a standing float. The ball hurdles towards my Defensive Specialist (D.S.)  as she shouts “MINE!” She throws herself onto the floor. The ball bounces off her arms and spirals up. I begin to run toward the net. I do my footwork. Right, left, right, left. I jump up as the ball falls right into my hands. I quickly release it and pull off the net. It shoots towards my Outside. She shuffles into the court. One, two, three. The she takes her approach. Left, right, left. She jump and draws her elbow back. Her chest opens up toward the court. She snaps on top of the ball, thumb down and her arm finishes at her side. The ball is drilled into the other teams court. It almost lands in the deep corner, when their libiro picks it up. The ball starts to go towards the net. The setter runs up and gets into zone 7. The ball starts heading above the tape. My middle make her start. She does a 3 step swing block, toward the Rightside. Right, left, right. She shouts to the right side “Ready, ready, UP!” They close the block, arm to arm, thigh to thigh. The outside passes the ball up. It is in line with the net. Equally lined from both sides. This has just became a joust. The outside and Righside jump up at the same time. Both arms pull back, elbows up to the sky. BAMM! The scoreboard reads Home: 25 and Guests: 20. INDIANS WIN!

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