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The Towers are Falling

September 25, 2014
By iveltac BRONZE, Columbus, Kansas
iveltac BRONZE, Columbus, Kansas
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Bennet woke up. It was six A.M. and he had another busy day at the office to do. His job was at the World Trade Center. Bennet was just like anyone that worked there, just a regular person. Bennet jumped out of bed, turned his alarm off, and walked to his closet. He went through all his suits. He decided he would wear the gray plaid jacket and the gray dress pants. Bennet picked up his clothes and walked into the bathroom. He changed, brushed his teeth, and walked out looking ready for the day ahead of him.


Bennet walked into the kitchen, stuck some bread in the toaster and pulled some jam out of the refrigerator. Bennet opened his door and picked up the newspaper on his steps. Bennet slowly closed the door and walked over to the kitchen. He read the front page than set it on the cabinet. Bennet walked over to the toaster and pulled his toast out. He carefully covered it with jam. Bennet grabbed a briefcase at the front door, grabbed his toast, and headed out the door.


The piece of toast was gone before Bennet reached the car. He unlocked his car, then sat down in his seat. Bennet started the car and drove down several streets, stopping at a Starbucks. He walked in and ordered an expresso. The expresso was done within two minutes and he was back in his car. Bennet drove to the World Trade Center and parked.


Bennet walked into the building. He looked around and saw one of the elevators open. He quickly ran into it and pressed the highest floor button. The elevator stopped several times and people got in it, going to different levels. After about fifteen minutes of going to level after level, the elevator reached the top level. Bennet got off the elevator and walked into a busy room.

People were everywhere, doing their jobs. Bennet passed about twenty desks and then sat down. He set his briefcase on his desk and turned his computer on. He started working on a project. Three hours later, someone screamed.


“A plane is coming towards the building!” Bennet like most of the people ran to the stairs. Some of the people were standing at the windows taking a picture. The plane went crashing into the building. Bennet fell to his knees. He got up and kept running down the stairs. Bennet made it down two levels, than stopped. The stairs had been filled with rubble.


Bennet Stopped and looked around the floor. He spotted someone under a pillar and helped him up. Someone jumped from the building, from desperation and fear. Bennet ran around the floors seeing if he could help with anything. The building was slowly falling. Bennet looked around and suddenly slipped. He slowly went sliding towards the window.


Bennet grabbed a pillar and hung on for dear life. The building was on fire now. Bennet sat there holding on with all his strength, when suddenly he heard another explosion. He looked towards the window, and saw the other tower falling in the opposite direction. In a couple of minutes the building Bennet was in started to collapse. He lost his grip and his fingers slipped off the pillar.


Bennet went sliding towards the window. There was only one way of making it out of the tower and that was to jump out of the window. He went leaping, out of the window like he was flying. While he was floating towards the ground several pieces of shrapnel went through him ending his life. Bennets body landed on the ground lifeless. Lots of people died that day.

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The Twin Towers (not lord of the rings)

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