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February 16, 2012
By Cat-Girl PLATINUM, Nyania, Planet Nyan, Oklahoma
Cat-Girl PLATINUM, Nyania, Planet Nyan, Oklahoma
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Oh, surely I'm not condemned. The though abruptly appears in my mind as I can see a physical, ebony figure flapping its wings of death towards me. The moment I lay eyes on it, silence blocks out all the chaos about me. The Nazis yelling in their foreign tongue as they pepper bullets from their metal devourers, desperate cries for mercy, screams of agony, collapsing buildings, fire popping in the nearby forest, and whispers of people hiding in the wreckage to evade the soldiers. I see the person, or creature, whose name is Death, and only his fluttering wings make the din I hear. Terror automatically fogs all my emotions and thoughts, upon seeing this creature. Evil surrounds it, and I gasp as pain chokes my life into its hands. My shambling town in Europe is suddenly gone.

I'm in utter, utter nothing. Not darkness, NOTHING. My setting is the color of glass: colorless, but it strangely has no reflection. A humming noise echoes throughout Nothing, and it seems to be spinning, quicker and quicker by the second. And then, time halts as I see a side of light, and a side of pitch black. I am on the crossing point, and I know that soon my Lord Jesus Himself will appear to cast me into the land of eternal life, or the Second Death. Suddenly, a light brighter than the background before it appears, and darkness is banished away...I know I am saved from death...

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