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Diary of Alan T. Wetherby

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

September 1, 1657
The nervousness is growing inside of me. I feel so alone for I will be the only child of my siblings to head off to school. My belief in God is guiding me through this lonely time. I fear that other’s in school will not share my faith in God. I shall wake early in the morning to finish my chores before I walk a long lonely walk to school for the first time.

September 2, 1657
The sun shines no longer and I have just finished my chores after a long day at school. While I believe in the importance of my education, I feel very isolated from my family. I fear my schooling is a hardship and causing more work for my Pa. Mother says God wants me educated so that I can help spread his word to others.

September 10, 1657
Our teacher Miss. Smith read us a short story today about a fishing tale. I fear that my parents would not approve of this untruth. God only wishes for us to speak the truth. My sisters Annabelle and Loretta are always asking me to share my day and my studies with them. If I share this information I am horrified that my parents won’t allow me to continue my education. So I keep it to myself, along with most of my teachings at school. I hope that God will guide me to share our beliefs with Miss. Smith. I have so much inside of me and I must keep it to myself.

October 1, 1657
Massachusetts is getting cold. Walking to and from school is beginning to wear on me. I hope that I can continue my education once the snow begins to fall. Miss. Smith has helped me by preparing teachings to continue at home on my own when I cannot make the hike to school. It is God’s will on how long I can continue to go to school with the other children. Pa believes in education and when he can spare the time or livestock he will escort me to school. My parents have taken on so much with me pursuing education that I feel the pressure to do so well. I only hope that I can make them proud and spread the faith to those in need.

December 15, 1657
The snow has been falling and taking a trip to school is out of the question. Pa has fallen ill and I must tend to the families needs. School will have to wait for now.

December 23, 1657
Pa has found his way to God in heaven. His faith was so strong that I am confident that he is with God. How is it that I feel so alone when I have my family at my side. My community is here to help for now, but yet I feel lonely, how can that be? I am the man of our family now, I must provide for them. Public schooling just began and I feel blessed to have had my time there. Now I shall take over my Pa’s role as the leader of our family, neighbors and spreading the word of God. My education will always be with me.

The author's comments:
this was a diary section from the puritan era. The diary of a young boy in 1657 when public schools were first introduced. The main theme of this piece is loneliness.

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Don't be a victim; be a titan.

Perhaps I'm just not well-read, but I do enjoy the unique concept! I've never read a story from the point of view of a Puritan before.

I really like the story. It really shows the extremely strong pull religion had back in the early days. Thank you for writing this; I enjoyed reading it.