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The Reality of the Titanic

July 17, 2010
By ELM522 DIAMOND, Selden, New York
ELM522 DIAMOND, Selden, New York
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My name is Molly Brown. My survival story on the Titanic begins when there was not a cloud in the crystal clear sky on an exquisite night. No one had predicted such tragedy. I had coveted such a luxurious getaway, and now was my chance. Although, this vacation was not as glamorous as everyone had said whenever they raved about it because this “unsinkable” ship was indeed still sinkable. I remember husbands assuring their wives that this wasn’t legit, but something had told me to take this seriously. Thank God I did because it was not just a hoax, we had actually struck an iceberg.
I was one of the lasts in the lifeboat, but I felt a ping of pity for those who were entangled in the mob, struggling to survive. I had helped many people aboard lifeboats, yet I still feel guilty for not trying to save some of the others. When I was in the lifeboat, I had to hold myself down because I really wanted to assist them. By the time I’d made my decision, it was too late for most since most of them already had suffered from severe cases of hypothermia.
At 2:20, a dramatic event occurred. The ship plummeted beneath the surface of the water. Screams pierced my ears as the ship was destroyed. I watched with grave horror that I would reminisce this for the remains of my life. The most traumatic part was that people on my actual life boat wailed. They wept for their loved ones that had drowned. We began to row and think positively.
By the time the Carpathia arrived, the weeping was finished. The women were now wiping their eyes tenderly. I had a desire to assure them that everything would work out, but fact was, my courage was perishing, like they had Titanic from our views. The women were visibly relieved to see Carpathia, but I was too exhausted to exhibit emotions.
My clothes were visibly tattered and we were starving. I had a flashback of the people praying to God as the majority resumed drowning. This reminded me to thank God for surviving. We founded a committee for survivors and raised money to benefit their health or newly formed economic issues.

The author's comments:
It's fictional because although Molly was a real Titanic survivor, I made up some of the events.

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