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Renewed Hope...

December 7, 2009
By crazyHchan SILVER, Nagoya, Other
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Journal Entry Two: April 5th, 1578

Location: 32 S 52 W

There has been much excitement over these last few months, and I must say, we have made great progress. The waves were choppy, and the wind almost still as I gave the crew their daily portion of wine. Just as I was about to give Henry Davis (our doctor) his cup, he flung himself down on deck and threw up, right at my feet. With that, I decided that the crew needed to take a break and so we settled by the coast of Morocco on December 27th, 1577. Judging by the change in mood, I could tell that the crew was glad to see a change of scenery.

We bartered and traded cloth and shoes with the locals and received sheep and chicken. Everyone is looking forward to eating chicken stew and lamb chops tonight…

In the evening, I called everyone for attendance, and found that our carpenter, Nicholas Thomas was nowhere to be found. In despair, I quickly blamed the locals and we were back on deck before dinner time.

We sailed on until we reached Mayo, Cape Verde Islands on January 27th, 1557 where we found the locals eager to trade with us. The men are grubby and tired by this point, so I made them bathe and wash their clothes in the river this morning. The chief of their clan, Moschweeka seemed to be curious about our voyage, and so I tried to tell him about our conquest to defeat the Spanish. As soon as I told him this, he was taken aback, refusing to trade with us, as Moschweeka and his clan have a friendship treaty with the Spanish. The men were disappointed at first, but then we found strange fruits that were rich with taste, and feasted on them throughout the night.

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This is a followup to my other historical fiction article, Crushed Hope... Enjoy!!

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