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The Acumen of Justice

January 12, 2009
By emilythejelly PLATINUM, New City, New York
emilythejelly PLATINUM, New City, New York
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It swathed the table, inimitably speaking of his strength. The color was dark, black actually, like a midnight sky. Its power was absorbed into his flesh, digging deep into his pores finding its way to the veins that energized the flow. With a quick circulation the exchange, met and a swift journey up the trachea. It escaped in his breath, formulating into words that were too powerful for the ears to withstand. It stabbed them in the hearts and moved them swift to toe. His words could move mountains.

It was often a leech like analogy that swept into his brain, portrayed in black, a slick smooth coating, and a desire to pilfer their glory. From an outside view he was harmless, an old man in a robe but his serrated teeth promptly razed souls.

His name, Judge John Marshall, was the chief justice of the majestic Supreme Court, the United States hidden weapon. Most assume that the judiciary system has no control, more or less the least out of the three branches, surely he scoffed at this idea, suppressing his condemnation, enabling him to attack when the time was necessary.

Who would ever doubt his power? He could sentence a person to death or even worse, a lifetime of prison. They eventually descend into insanity, torturing themselves until death is the only choice, all of that from a sentence of his. Besides he would spend his whole existence here, unlike the other low lives running this shabby establishment they speak as a government. They rarely spend 4 years here while he would stand in costume for 34!

It was a high life to achieve and he felt it to be destined, through a few years of enlightening his mind, his intelligence shown, ultimately paving his way to this seat. Adams foresaw his magnitude and his will to carry on the Federalist name. Even when the rowdy, foolish Westerners with their agriculture and propositions of states rights, destroyed this government that people like him took so long to create, he established a balance. Because of him, the government survived even with weak leaders and wrong decisions.

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