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Larebils and Evitavresnocs

June 14, 2009
By Mary Espenshade BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
Mary Espenshade BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
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Located about 2,100 dog years ago in an ancient land were two packs of dogs, in the same region, who became uneasy with one another. The first dogs, the Larebils, didn’t like that the other dogs, the Evitavresnocs, thought that the Ultimate Animal was different that the latter did. The Larebils realized that for this reason they could never be truly happy while living in the same place as the Evitavresnocs.

Then the Larebils elected an alpha male to get some dogs to help him explore the area across the pond that had been discovered by a wayward Portuguese water dog and some of his friends. They got there and realized that not only was this land game-free but that they had no idea how to find game in the first place. Most of them died and their tiny colony was lost. Later, more dogs swam over to catch caribou. They were met with the same problem, but the generous red Naidnis who had been there from the start taught the Larebils to find good caribou and to hunt for other types of game.

Now life for the Larebils was starting to go well. They had food and shelter and even developed a way of trading bones and meat for an economy. One day one of the dogs realized that they needed a way to make sure everyone followed the rules. Then he realized that there were so few rules that more needed to be made. So he and his buddies met in a group and tried to figure out what to make into rules. This group included only light-furred dogs who marked a territory regularly because they were the first dogs to come over and therefore had the most bones and puppies. As the group woofed and barked it became apparent that some of them were more Evitavresnoc than Larebil. The dogs all howled and a new group was created: Laredefs. But no one really supported Laredefs. After a few years it was Evitavresnocs and Larebils once again. By now another alpha male was in power, and the dogs had established that he could only be in power for twenty-eight dog years but was eligible to be elected again for the same amount of time. The dogs as a whole were indebted (the original Evitavresnocs wanted to own the New Territory even though no one else approved, and that didn’t go over so well with the dogs who had emigrated), so they decided to break all the animal bones in half over and over until there were enough pieces for every one of them to have bones, even though these bones now had very little worth.

Fast-forward 700 dog years.

Virtually all of the red Naidnis have been forced into special areas where selling chewing sticks and attempting to catch baby prairie dogs for prize is legal. The Naidnis were offended and a lot of them lost their ways of life, but none of the dogs seem to care very much.

Fast forward another 350 dog years.

The world population of dogs, especially in New Territory, was now gigantic and thriving. But a certain group of dogs, the dark-furred dogs, began to assemble and try to earn the same rights as the light-furred dogs, who controlled nearly everything. One of the alpha males made it illegal to force any dog to submit to another without pay or compensation. This took a while to effect, but it most certainly happened. The dark-furred dogs were fine and dandy in most places except the really warm places were dogs barked a little funny, but after some revolution by dark-furred leaders this was nearly erased. Now dark-furs and light-furs could chase the same elk and eat it at the same clearing in the woods. Both Larebils and Evitavresnocs liked this, but more so Larebils. But many of them did have a terrible grudge against the light-furred ones, primarily Evitavresnocs because they didn’t seem to like “new-fangled dramatic change” so much.

When the New Territory became modernized, it was very common that dark-furs chose not to associate with light-furs. In response, the light-furs decided to associate only with themselves. Eventually dark-furs accused light-furs of being coatist just because they didn’t agree with the dark-furs. Most of the dark-furs soon became vehement Larebils.

Another group of dogs which followed this pattern was the dogs who communicated differently and couldn’t understand Bark. For a long time, no support was offered to these dogs, but they still managed to succeed in society. But about 210 dog years after the dark-furs gained equality, the Barking Larebils began to think that the Whiners, Woofers and Howlers were too stupid to learn Bark. So they spent billions of bones on dumbing down education so much that they thought these others, particularly Woofers, could learn Bark faster, when really it took a lot longer because they were no longer given a good reason to learn Bark. Then some clans decided not to let their puppies Bark in the den, perpetuating the cycle so that Larebils now wanted every dog to learn Woof instead of the other way around. And millions more dogs became Larebils. When the Evitavresnocs tried to point out that the system was failing, their claims were attacked, ignored, or minimized.

Right along with the dark furs and non-Barkers, several other historically disadvantaged groups joined the Larebil movement (medium-colored-furs, yellow-furs, females [who created their own movement not too long after the dark-furs were freed], spicy-meat-eaters, disabled dogs of all sorts, dogs with different beliefs about the nature of the Ultimate Animal, and most recently, dogs who preferred to mate with dogs of the same sex and dogs who supported terminating puppies before birth).

The modern Larebil dogs have become very outlandish, but of course this has developed for many centuries. They hate any dog that disagrees with their beliefs on any subject, while the Evitavresnocs struggle not to bark anything too nastily for fear that a nearby Larebil might hear and start a brawl. In one particular area called LacOs, all the things once held high in morals by Evitavresnocs have been obliterated by Larebils; in fact, Larebils persecute Evitavresnocs. The Evitavresnocs who believe that the Ultimate Animal is a martyred Sheepdog are especially targeted because they, and their faith in the Good Sheepdog’s pawprints are what stand in the way of making Larebil beliefs into national law.

Maybe someday when the New Territory economy is shattered, or when “personal freedom” becomes anarchy, the Larebils will realize how elitist they have been. Then, the Evitavresnocs might get a chance to actually speak in a room without being torn to pieces. Maybe someday. Or perhaps the world will end first and they won’t have to go through the impending civil war first. Only time will tell.

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on Jul. 6 2009 at 6:45 pm
Emma Bodell BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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This is a great allegory. Very insightful!