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Cape Verde Islands

September 11, 2021
By PhoebeY PLATINUM, Hangzhou, Other
PhoebeY PLATINUM, Hangzhou, Other
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“Now I must depart. Journey on, my student, to the unmapped waters, and discover the glory of your own.”

“I desire nothing other than to have you with me on the voyage, sir.”

“For the past ten years, I thought I have taught you something on an explorer’s courage.”

“I fear not, sir. As I stare into the unfound lands and vast waters and skies I think not my own plight, but that of those who had not had the chance of owning it. Sir, ten years ago, when you set out on your journey, what was the thought that bothered you the most?” 

“I saw water, endless seas worth exploring, and my determination carved in gold on the royal crown.”

“I remember meeting you for the first time, sir. Courageous, sophisticated, bold and gentle. I knew I was the continuation of your aspiration. But now sir, I stare into the waters with pity, that the great soul who led me onto this journey, the great name carved into stone, was smudged and forgotten as the roaring ocean splashed on man’s courage to lead. You were the inspiration, sir, the man behind my name, but with mine glorified then yours would fade into obscurity. Even though all this should initially be yours, sir, the world ought to learn your name.”

“My days lay behind, my student, and let us bury it in a time capsule for the future to dig up. I have never seen you as the continuation of myself. At first sight, I knew your vigor and firmness in the seas resembled mine. And now you set out on a journey of your own. Be the other brave soul in the world, the new glory.”

“You deserve recognition, sir.”

“I already did. Ten years ago in the storms, I saw nothing but doom ahead of me and my crew. In desperation, I swore an oath that if I were to live, I would take it as my responsibility to pass on this heritage, the God-granted virtue of curiosity and firmness. The next ten years I spent with you on an island, with the ocean around and the sky above. You are the next miracle, my student, not a continuation of my journeys, but an independent soul who happened to also stare into the ocean, ignited by a desire to explore. You have a heart, violent and stern, like the ocean, with palpitation and undercurrents hidden beneath—we share this valor.” 

“Without you, all this would be yet a distant dream, sir.”

“Without you, all there is left of me was a faded and forgotten epitome of virtue.”

“Then here I go, sir, and if I were to return, I shall carve your name onto every historical record.”

“Remember to write yours before mine. Good Hope to you, my student.”

“And Good Hope to you, sir.”

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