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Before the Silk Road (part 1)

June 27, 2021
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

Cahyra stared out at the nothingness beyond the village walls. but it wasn't nothingness. it was just... unknown. and so it was nothing. it was land, full of things to find and see and do, and maybe other peoples and new things. but the brave warriors who didn't hesitate to go to war with other villages, who poured out their blood for nothing, were to cowardly to see what was out there. it could have riches beyond belief, food enough to satisfy all the Eascelti villages for ever, or something else even better. but would they journey there? no. once, a small group of something came, with incredible things they didn't know. they were human like, but they had dark skin and brown hair, and they wore odd clothes. the elders said they were monsters from the beyond, and for once all the villages united and fought against them. they were killed, and she knew exactly where their blood stained the ground. human blood, it was red and liquid. afterwards she had examined them, and compared them to a dead warrior. she wasn't a healer, but it looked like they had the same stuff in them, soft squishy pink things. 
She would go out herself and explore the beyond, but she was a girl. and to young, only 30 solstices(15, there are 2 solstices a year, so a solcitice is half a year). and besides, what if she angered the 'monsters' and brought their fury on Eascelti? so, she was doomed to cook and clean and have to memorize long boring poems to orally record. she stared back at the nothingness that was something. something new, something different. something that promised freedom and adventure. and she turned back within the gateless walls and saw what it promised. a life of virtual slavery to her future husband, a life of boring sameness, a life of being frowned upon for her lack of proper behavior. a life of captivity. but what choice did she have? there was no way out of the walls. if she could go, she would. or at least, she claimed she would. if she was actually given the chance would she be any better than the coward warriors? she laughed. of course she would. she had merely been joking. she combed her fingers thru her curly red hair, long because she had to, because she was a girl. and thus inherently inferior to men. and inferior to women because she was young and uncouth. as she had hoped, several stands came looseon her fingers. she dropped them outside. if she couldn't be free, at least a part of her could. she watched in wonder as a sika deer ran past, just within view, and trailing it wolves. she loved wolves, she didn't know much about them, just the docile, captive dogs. but they were free. thy were feirce. they weren't forced into any roles. sheso yearned to be a wolf, running free outside, with fangs and strength. or an eagle, free to soar, unbound and unbeatable. or a bear. who would try to chain a bear? or just free. in any way. 
"Cahyra! come on, you have to-" cahyra was startled out of her thoughts by her mothers voice. she turned, but tripped on her awful skirt and fell off the raparts. ouch. the wind rushed out of her lungs and trapped her, for  moment. she couldn't draw breath at all. but she smiled. she loved this feeling. it hurt, but it felt strong. but the momentary rush hid only for a split second a throbbing pain in her arm, which was sticking at an odd angle. concerning. 
"you always do this! why are you so clumsy?" 
"ow! i think i broke my arm." 
"of course you did." 
"you're the one that startled me." 
"oh, yes, so its my fault then that you were paying no heed at all to your suitor? which, by the way, you only have one. what a surprise. he's waiting on you. from a poor family, but i have a hard time imagining you get anyone worthwhile." 
"ah! well, he can wait longer, i need to see a healer. and maybe i dont care about suitors." 
"then you are a fool. ill go tell him, you can go to the healer." 
"ok." she glanced back up at the wall. a divide she could bridge. just a barrier to break down. she was tethered, but she was strong. she could do anything she put her mind to. and freedom was something worth pursuit. she carefully stood up, delicitly cradling her arm, and walked to the healers. but not without another glance as an idea began to form.

The author's comments:

this was the pilot of a series I was considering. i decided not to but left this in storage for some reason. anyways I'm deleting the place I stored it and my email drafts can only hold so much(i put stuff there that I don't want to lose and never send them) so I put it here. THIS SERIES WILL NOT BE WRITTEN. i don't know I'm even going to keep up sparrows, its a cool idea but I'm so focused on red winter and I have church stuff going on right now so I keep forgetting it. basically she lived in a time before the silk road in a Celticlike culture someplace in asia that didn't exist. when she left she would end up fighting monsters and maybe people she thought were monsters. i guess it might be interesting enough to be worth saving.

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