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Crossing the border

March 12, 2019
By camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
camilamedeles GOLD, Sacramento, California
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 In 1960, my mom Maria Enriquez was born in Purta de Chula Jerez Zac,Mexico.My mom’s childhood was very happy despite that her family was very poor.I remember her saying “everyday was an adventure”. She was the oldest of 10 kids so she had more responsibilities.My mom loved school but sadly she had to drop out,she only made it to 4th grade.After she left school she had to work.She helped take care of her younger siblings,cook,clean,and mend the animals.Her life in Mexico was great she was loved being with her family.She used to say “when you’re poor the only thing that matters is your family because they will always be there and money won’t”.

 One day her aunt was planning to cross the border and she wanted to take my mom. At the time my mom was only 12 years old. My mom ended up going with her. Her aunt got a coyote and started their journey in Tijuana. Once they got there they got on a bus which took them to a highway that’s by the dessert.They walked the dessert for  about 4 hours in the cold.They didn’t have any sweaters or suitcases another person crossed the border with their stuff.They ended up in San Diego and someone picked them up to take them to Los Angeles.She lived there for 10 months.While she was there she got a job taking care of these to girls.But she then started getting depressed because she was homesick.She ended up going home and lived for a couple of years.

 In 1983 she crossed the border again but this time she went through the sewers with my brother which was 9 months at the time.But that didn’t stop her from crossing.She was crawling for about 10 minutes when she got out a coyote me her and took her to San Diego from there she went to LA again.There she worked at a factory for a 3 years.But once again she went back to Mexico because she felt lonely and life in the US was hard.

 The 3rd time my mom crossed the border was in 1990.She went through the dessert again but this time immigration got her.They detained her and was in custody for a night and the next day she got released.Right when got out she got another coyote to help her cross again.She crossed and when she got to LA she worked at a factory for 9 years.

 Now in 2005 i was 3 years old and my mom was leaving to Mexico because her mom was dying.She was  gone for about 1 month.When she tried to back she was caught twice.But the 3rd time she made it across.When she came back it wasn’t the same as before.She was very sad all the time.But she was a hardworking person who did everything for their kids.

 My mom is an amazing person and i’m so grateful to have her.She is the most hardworking person I know.She has sacrificed so much for my siblings and I. I look up to my mom so much. This is a perfect example to prove all the stereotypes wrong she didn’t come here to do “bad things” she came here to work hard and make a better life for her children.

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