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The Spark

March 4, 2019
By LittleStorySparrow SILVER, Spokane, Washington
LittleStorySparrow SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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This story is for entertainment purposes only. This legend was one that I have made up, and, therefore, it is not a real myth/legend. But, after saying that, I still hope you read it and find a valuable lesson inside. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered how men managed to create fire? Perhaps you don't think they created it but received it from mother nature or some other diety. Both of these opinions could be correct, but this tale provides a new outlook that should be considered.

Hundreds of years ago, there lived two brothers. These brothers lived in a very poor village, and every villager, including the brothers, had to work excessively hard to merely put food on the table. They lived in small huts, and they were unhygienic and filthy, not that it was their fault. They were so poor that their roads were covered in feces and every other dirty thing imaginable. 

These brothers lived alone, and all they had were one another. One was incredibly moral and compassionate, and the other was obstinant and, at times, extremely rude. They had their differences, but they were brothers, and this was what kept them together. 

One day, while they were hunting in the woods, a voice called out to them. It was a woman's voice. They followed the sound and found themselves in a clearing. No-one was there, and they looked around for the origin of the voice. It was coming from above them. The sky.

"My children," the voice said. "I am mother nature, and I have chosen you to prove humanity's decency." Suddenly, two small balls of flame floated down from the sky like feathers and landed on the ground. "These are the sparks," she told the men. "They create fire. Neither can be doused. I want each of you to take one and do what you believe is best."

Each man bent down and picked up their spark cautiously. "Use them wisely," the great mother advised them as they retreated into the woods.

In the days following, the first brother brought his spark back to the village. He showed it to the villagers in all of its glory.

"I will use this spark to keep us warm," he told the villagers. He created a bonfire in the center of town, and all of the villagers gathered around it to keep warm. Days after, the slimy streets dried, and the waste turned into soil. As for the spark, the brother broke it into pieces and distributed them to the people. He had made the right decision.

The second brother, however, had other ideas. He wanted power over other men, to which the spark gave him. He traveled to a nearby village and held the spark high in the air.

"Make me your headman and this village will be spared. If you do not, I will burn it down!"

The brother continued to do this, frightening some villages and burning others, until he became the king of the realm. He decided to conquer the village he grew up in, and he traveled there and held the spark high.

"Do as I say, or your village burns!" he said. That moment, he heard mother nature's voice whispering his name.

"How dare you do this! You have proved humanity's insolence!" she said. That moment, the spark was lifted from his hands. He watched as it was split into millions of pieces and was thrown into the sky. After that, the townspeople realized how much power their spark fragments had, and they threw them into the sky as well, the first brother included.

These shards remain in the sky today, and they are what we call stars.

The author's comments:

This was an assignment I had at school, and I altered it and submitted it here! I hope you guys like it!

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