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Valentines Day Narusasu style

February 13, 2012
By RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
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Naruto sighed as looked across the room where Sasuke was sitting. Today was Valentines Day, but Sasuke wasn’t big on holidays since his family died when he was eight. But this year Naruto was going to show him that he was his family and therefore will give him the best Valentines Day ever!

It started this morning when Naruto brought him a cupcake, but not just any cupcake. He’d spent all night working on this thing, making batch after batch of cup cakes until he got the most perfect heart shape strawberry cupcake with pink cream cheese frosting. The problem, as it would turn out Sasuke doesn’t like sweets.

Instead of be discouraged Naruto worked harder. He quickly remembered that Sasuke’s mom used to have a flower garden before she dies. So he skipped second period to go to the flower shop. Unbeknownst to him Sauke was allergic to roses, which is why his mom always planted tulips.

“I heard Sasuke had to go to the nurse for an allergic reaction, what happened?” Sakura, Naruto’s best female friend asked.

“I’m trying to give Sasuke the best Valentines Day ever.”

Sakura nodded, “I thought Sasuke didn’t like holidays?”

“He just says that, he doesn’t really mean it.”


“Are you going to help me or not?” the blond boy asked.

“I get the point Naruto, you guys started dating and this is the first “holiday” you guys are having together but don’t you think you’re overwhelming him?”

“Fine I’ll do it myself.” Thing continued to get worse and worse until the end of school when they were walking home. “Sorry about today.”

“It’s alright,” Sasuke sighed, scratching at a part of his arm that still itched from the reaction of those roses, turning his pale skin red. “But we both know I don’t like holidays,” Sasuke’s black eyes bore into Naruto’s blue eyes, “You don’t have to try so hard.”

“But it’s for you; of course I have to try this hard.” Naruto exclaimed making Sasuke blush.

“Dobe,” Sasuke mumbled looking down as he handed Naruto a small envelope, “I know that you like these kind of holidays, so I got you something.”

Naruto was in shock for a bit before he finally opened it, “YOU GOT ME TEN COUPONS TO MY FAVORITE RAMEN SHOP!!!!” he hugged Sasuke tightly, “THANK YOU.”

“Okay, you’re welcome; just get off me I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry,” Naruto smiled at him before briefly giving him a quick kiss on the lips, “Next time I’ll get you something you like just wait!” The blond promised.

Sasuke snorted, “Bake, I have what I want right here.”

The author's comments:
This is a narusasu piece just for you undercover narusasu lovers who viewed my last Narusasu story almost 400 times but didn't leave a comment. If you like this one and want more tell me. If you think that this story sucks, tell me so I know what not to do next time. Anyways, happy Valentines Day and to all the single, Happy Awkward Singles Day.

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