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A Totally Original Tale That Was Not Inspired by Avatar

May 12, 2011
By Penmaiden BRONZE, Minnetonka, Minnesota
Penmaiden BRONZE, Minnetonka, Minnesota
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Azara walked down the street. She knew enough to avoid the royal houses, because that was where Katula dwelt, the evil, twisted, only daughter of the equally evil and twisted Emperor Lord. Katula was dragon patroned (a rare phenomenon that allowed a person to control fire. For some inexplicable reason, it was blue fire) and extremely dangerous. She liked to kill random people.
As Azara walked, her nephew joined her. His name was Soko and, after an unfortunate run in with an extremely hot iron falling on his head, he had an arrow shaped scar on his forehead. He was also bald. And *cough* a vegetarian.
Azara, being patroned by a water moccasin (though she pretended that she was patroned by a fox as to fool everyone, even though she was sweet and kind and would never have wanted to fool anyone) was able to control water. But just water. Not ice or anything really cool like that.
So as she walked down the street, avoiding Katula's Royal House, and joined by her young, scarred, but ultimately cheerful nephew, she tripped and fell and skinned her knee. At that precise moment, Katula (who had been waiting for this moment) leaped out of the sky (oh, yeah, she could fly also) and tried to kill Soko. (I forgot to mention that Soko had this weird power that let him see into the past. It's called Memory. He was the only one in the four nations with it. Did I mention there were four nations? Dragon, Water Moccasin, Birds, and, um, Lion Turtle.)
But just then, Katula's cousin (she had a cousin) tried to stop her by blocking the sun with his kite (Katula's cousin owned a kite.) Azara used her water bending (I mean, water... stretching) to trip Katula's cousin, because she didn't realize that Katula's cousin was actually on their side. And, by the way, Katula's cousin did have a name. It was... Zaang. And he was not a vegetarian.
Zaang got so mad (because he had finally decided to abandon his evil side and embrace the light and cut his hair, but was now being thwarted by the very people he was trying to help, which was sort of frustrating) threw a temper tantrum.
Katula began to laugh, but just then she stopped. She (being one of the other 99.9% of the Dragon nation who did not have this wondrous thing called Memory) had forgotten what she was doing.
Azara also forgot. And so did Zaang. He even forgot why he had cut his hair.
In fact, everyone the four nations forgot what they were doing.
Except for Soko. He (being the wonderfully helpful person he was) (though also rather devious) explained to everyone what they had been doing: trying to serve their master. Who, by the way, (he explained) was Soko.
(And Soko lived happily ever after.)
(As for everyone else... I forget.)

The author's comments:
I would like to point out that the fact that I am helplessly, hopelessly, and delightfully obsessed with Avatar; The Last Airbender has nothing to do with this article.
Sort of like the above picture has nothing to do with this article.

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