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Hunted Down

March 8, 2009
By nelly212 BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
nelly212 BRONZE, Huntington Park, California
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It started off as a normal day, hanging out with friends, laughing, smiling, without a care in the world.

But just like any other story that starts off like this, you instantly know all this is never going to last.

It started as soon as soon as I passed the park. A few moments ago I had just waved good bye to my friends not even giving it much thought. Passing through the park a boy had ran straight for me and bumped into me, wrapped his arms around me and wouldn’t let me go. He burrowed his head on my stomach and that’s when I heard someone calling out a name.

The boy quickly turned his head in the direction of the voice and quickly hid it again. A woman had seen me with the boy and started coming my way. The woman was pretty, with chin length blond hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing a light blue suit and smiled at me. Although she looked relatively normal there was something off about her. The woman had opened her arms and called out the boy’s name.

“Peter, come on now, your daddy’s waiting.” She had a lyrical voice. I can still remember that voice from my nightmares.

“NO!” The boy had yelled although his voice was muffled because his face was still on my stomach. I had quickly dislodged the boy and saw that his face was extremely dirty. I had taken out a napkin and had soaked it in water from the water bottle I had in my backpack. I quickly wiped his face and saw his eyes.

He couldn’t have been older than eight but his eyes held fear and hate, something that no child should ever show in his eyes. He was pouting and I saw him start to cry but had such an intense look as if he didn’t want to.

“So you’re Peter right? I’m Emily, look I understand that perhaps you might not want to go with that lady so we’ll just go straight to your father alright?” As soon as I had finished that sentence his face lit up and held such a relief. I grabbed him from the hand and smiled an encouraging smile at the lady I thought was his mom, or step mom. He led the way to a van and I saw a middle aged man sitting on the van smoking a cigarette. He flicked the cigarette and stomped on it to turn it off. Peter let go of my hand and had run toward this man. I decided that this was my good deed for the day and that it was time for me to go home.

I really wished I would have stayed and just put off what I would have seen at home.

As I was getting close to my house I started having an odd feeling in my stomach. Such as I usually get when something bad happens. As you probably can see this is where everything went wrong.

I opened the door to my house and froze as I saw the scene in front of me. It took a while to process but when it hit me I screamed and screamed and didn’t stop screaming until my throat was hoarse.

The door to my house opens up to the living room and that’s where I saw my mother with her throat, wrist, and legs slashed open. She had this look of absolute terror and her eyes held the look of fear. Her clothes were once a soft green were now ruby red since she was in a pool of her own blood and her clothes had absorbed it. Next to her was a trail of blood that led to my father’s corpse. His body was on his side but I could see that his face and skull was smashed in since his part of his skull was missing which means you could see the brains. Apparently he tried crawling to the phone since his arm was stretched out towards the area where the phone was held. But the attackers had stopped him by smashing in his head.

I fell kneeling on the floor and crawled towards my mother’s corpse with tears blurring my vision. When I came in contact with her body I had cradled her head in my lap and rocked back and forth. I was still in shock and could not do a thing to save my life.

And the sad thing now is if I had called the police, I might have been able to save myself.

I didn’t know for how many hours I had cried and sobbed and rocked back and forth but next thing I had known there were people behind me and shoving a wet cloth onto my mouth. I inhaled the toxic fumes and passed out in a flurry of pain and sadness.

I had woken up chained to the floor on an empty lot outside city limits. I had recognized this place because I used to come here to party with my friends during the weekend. But because it was during the week no one was here. Especially at night. My head was pounding and my body ached for sleeping on dirt. My throat and mouth were dry that it hurt to swallow.

In front of me were two men that seemed to be waiting for me to wake up. My vision was still blurry, that even today I cannot make out the details of their faces or their clothes or anything.

Next thing I knew they were beating me and I was screaming and crying all over again.

And then I heard one of them speak.

“This isn’t doing us any good. We have to resort to Plan B.” Vaguely I had wondered what was Plan B and that it couldn’t have been worse than Plan A. Until my vision cleared and I saw a little girl squirming. She was squirming because one of the men held her hair in a tight grasp. She moaned and tried to scream but anytime she did the guy would pull her hair.

“Stop it.” I couldn’t speak so it sounded like air was escaping. I slowly started to sit up and felt the gravel bite into my skin but I didn’t feel it because I only had eyes for the girl. She was frozen still and sobbing. Telling me with her dark eyes to save her. I started to slowly crawl over her so I wouldn’t draw attention but that was when he pounced. He had bit into the girl’s neck and she screamed. I could see clearly the veins that was in the girl’s neck and heard the gulping noise the guy was making.

He was drinking her blood.

I was disgusted at him and I lunged forward only to be stopped by the chains on my wrist. I pulled and yanked until the cuffs had started biting into my own wrists making them bleed. I was helpless to stop yet another murder and this was worse because I could see the girl’s life ebbing away from her eyes. Until suddenly she was nothing more than a shell. He discarded her and she fell to the floor limply. She stared at me with hollow and lifeless eyes.

“Has she turned yet?” I turned towards the voice and my eyes widened to see the woman walking towards me was the same woman who I had met earlier that day. I shook with anger at seeing her, but knew it would prove no point to lunge at her.

She took a quick look at me and quickly dismissed me. “Take out Peter, maybe that will help.” And with a flick of her hair she had left. Blood had left my face and my stomach hollowed out hoping that it would be someone else.

But my hopes were not heard because suddenly the little boy with the fear and hate in his eyes that I had met earlier as well was led in front of me.

I stared at his eyes and he stared back. But unlike the girl his eyes did not hold fear but determination and hope. When the other guy had pulled his head to the side to have better access to his neck I saw a fleeting smile.

That’s when something inside of me broke.

As soon as the guy bit down on Peter’s neck I had let out a bloodcurdling roar. I had yanked harder on my chains not caring about the pain I had felt of metal chaffing sensitive skin. The hairs on the back of my neck had stood on ends and I saw my vision changing, everything I saw that night seemed to be in slow motion. In a burst of energy I had broken free of my chains and attacked the person who had the audacity to even touch Peter and was draining his life away in front of me. I still remember the rush and the thrill of my first kill.

I had ripped out his throat and started clawing on his abdominals trying to open it up and bathe in his blood and organs. There was a hunger and thirst raging inside of me trying to be slaked but failing miserably since as soon as I knew that the person I had attacked was dead I had pounced on the second man there. This time I had taken things slow and had scratched his face until it was just a bloody mess and then I had ripped out his heart. It was such a joy that my vision had stayed red for a few moments, still looking for the next prey to pounce on. But a cry suddenly caught my attention.

My attention was now solely on Peter and he was grunting and shaking on the ground holding onto his shoulder as blood seeped out from his small hands and was absorbed into his clothes staining them to a dark unknown color. I saw him in color and everything else in red. I had taken in a deep breath and heard the jingling of the chains and cuffs still around my wrists. I smelled the air and it smelled of both blood and death.

As soon as I had calmed down I had slowly walked over to his side and kneeled down. He was gasping for air and his eyes were begging mine to do the right thing.

“I don’t want to become like them.” He cried. I could already hear the venom rushing through his blood system. I knew by instinct what to do but even then I did not trust it. But his eyes begged for it that I could not resist. The exact same mark where the guy had bit him I had bit him there as well. He screamed and struggled but I held him down and did not let him go until my venom had overtaken the man’s venom.

He was pale and shaking but he had given me a weak smile, his way of reassuring me. And then I heard that lyrical voice.

“So you were a werewolf all along. Sh**, we gained another enemy. I would kill you now but I do not want to ruin my suit. I’ll just wait until I’m wearing an old suit and kill you then. Till next time honey.” Although I heard her voice I could not see her.

A few minutes later the police came and saw me holding Peter and the two mangled bodies of the men that I had killed. They had called for back up and an ambulance and accepted my lie that they had tortured us and a wolf came along and had killed the two men and had left. It helped when Peter had agreed to my story. I had washed myself and burned my clothes before the police could get any evidence showing that I was lying. But luckily for me the coroner had agreed that the claws on the men were wolf claws and that I could not have possibly done it. I parted ways with Peter when his father came and took him home. The father had relief on his face and love showing that he had truly worried for his son’s where bout’s. He took a look at me and asked “You’re that girl I saw in the park yesterday. I know it was you because I could never forget those eyes.” And then I had recognized him to be a famous actor in which his wife had died recently. I desperately wanted to ask who was the woman that was with him with in the park but I did not want to find the answer in which would undoubtedly cause my death.

And as I looked into the eyes of Peter as he stared at me over the shoulder of his father I knew that I had to stay alive and find out the ups and downs of being a werewolf. Because when Peter was going to be sixteen he definitely is going to need my help.

And now eight years later I’m back to where it all started.

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MJD1 said...
on May. 12 2009 at 6:35 am
love it story let me know when you update!