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March 11, 2009
By ElsworthNEA SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
ElsworthNEA SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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The thing is to tell yourself that this is life, and chaos is part of it.

I tried to find my way to the Tower of the Sun, where the Akeil stay. I question the Akeil, they are selfish to keep all the light for themselves. We have no food. There is no warmth. We rely on only the decade old stores kept in our cellars. It is rotten, we need the sun's love. I came to the door and felt for it, pulling it open with all my strength. I will talk to the Akeil. I go into the Tower, my eyes are overcome with light, and for once I am blinded by light instead of dark. I sense Or standing in front of me. He used to be one of us, he was just another Caneelt, then the Akiel took him in.

'We need light, the Caneelt need light. The Akiel must share.' I begged. I could sense his anger I could sense his hand as it struck my face.

I heard Or take out his dagger. I ran, but not before he cut my arm with his sharp blade. I ran as quick as my legs would take me towards my home.

Maybe I deserved it, is all I can think as I walk down the road hours later. It is black, as it always will be, as it always has been. There is no light in my world. Not for me, not for Mum or Pa when he was still around. The black made disappearing simple, easy. The light didn't shine not for anyone. Unless you are the Akeil. I am Charna age 14 and it has been black since the day I was born. They say the sun gave up on us. That the Akeil are the only ones worthy of the sun's love. I feel my way home clutching my arm to stop the blood from coming pouring out. I questioned the power of the Akeil, and for that I had to pay. Or cut me, he cut me, I began to bleed. I was dizzy; now my only question was if I deserved it. I questioned Or, I questioned the Akeil non-believers must be punished, non-believers must be punished.

I stumbled into my home, clutching my arm even tighter. By now tears had begun to stream down my face. Sorrow pulsed through my veins. Forgiveness. The sun must provide forgiveness. Forgiveness. The Akeil must provide forgiveness. The tears began to come harder.

I wasn't deserving of forgiveness. I questioned the Akeil, I didn't believe in the Akeil, they didn't share their light. Maybe, they weren't deserving of the sun's love, its light, its warmth. The Akeil were selfish. The Akeil were monsters.

'Charna are you all right?' I heard my Mum's honey silk voice call to me; I could sense that she was there. I snickered, my thoughts going back to the Akeil. I felt a knot forming in my stomach, twisting and turning, as my mom walked to me.

'Mum, I questioned the Akeil.' I said, she ran over to me and bandaged my arm. She could sense me there, she could sense my fear, my pain. She finished with the bandages, and I heard her run out the door. Again, the tears came harder then ever. I knew where she was going.

'Mum don't '' I whimpered but my voice was overtaken by sobs, don't question the Akeil I tried to shout. You will be punished. Don't question the Akeil. Never are we to question the Akeil.

I cry for my Mum every night. The Akeil are selfish. The Akeil are monsters. We questioned the Akeil. We questioned the Akeil.

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