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The Soldiers

September 28, 2016
By Breanna_Valentine PLATINUM, Sullivan, Ohio
Breanna_Valentine PLATINUM, Sullivan, Ohio
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They were told the drought wouldn't be as bad as it was last year, but there was gibbering in the air of other-wise. The heat, added with heavy armour, enveloped  the many soldiers that awaited for their fate to appear before their own eyes. As twilight broke the men became very cautious of their surroundings. And with them not knowing what is coming or not turned them towards being pale in the face and started to spasmodically grab their weapons when one entered their territory.
  They woke the next morning wrapped up in their fleecy blankets with the dim, but ever so slightly gleaming son making its way through their tent. Within hours there were gun shots being fired south of the sleeping quarters. With steady movement they made their way south, not knowing if they'll ever make it back out. But saving lives of their men was worth the risk. They started to wage into the war, no matter what the outcomes would be they had to be strong. The war finally ended, men were lying on the streets, some had injuries and some with concussions, but one thing was for sure, remorse filled some troops due to the trauma they had just experienced. But they stood up and did the next year.

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