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You're Cute

May 3, 2016
By LegendaryTrash BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LegendaryTrash BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"Stand up and walk. Move forward. You have two beautiful legs, don't you? You don't need to rely on anything." - Edward Elric

Hey there.... Huh?... You seem down? What's wrong? I see... Someone said something that pushed you into a dark place huh. They must havee hit a soft spot. Hmm... I hope you know that whatever they said wasn't true at all. You're a wonderful person dear, trust me. Whatever that evil being said isn't true, not one drop. They just want to see you get upset. They want you to get hurt. They want to see you drop. To quit. But you do realize that won't solve anything right? Because why should a rose wilt because what a poison ivy said? Yes, you heard right. I said you are a rose. A beautiful flower that's meant to shine and show it's beauty. Did that person discriminate? Pfft. What a wrong person. Let me tell you something my precious Angel. You're cute. Very cute. Those freckles you have shouldn't be covered up by makeup... Or concealer. They look nice and make your face look interesting with suck color. Those beautiful round eyes of yours. Ugh! I can get lost in them! It's like getting sucked into a galaxy of stars and wonder! Maybe drown in ocean if they're blue? And then there's your smile. Mhmm.... That smile is very beautiful.. Like a ray of light shining in the sun. Making the cloud above my head disapear in an instant. Those white teeth shine brighter than the sun and moon. Your laugh... Did they say it was annoying? Such jerks. They are so wrong! Your laugh is music to my ears. So contagious it makes me grin like a kid and their first crush. Your hair? Flawless. No matter what color, lenght, style, and cut. You can slay all day my dear. Embarrassing moles or birthmarks? Seriously? Dearest, those only add character to your beautiful being. Something original and amazing that only some people have. Stretch marks? Did they say something hurtful about your stretchmarks? No way. Those aren't bad at all dear. You aren't alone. Most people have them. I think they  look cool. Like tiger stripes. You look feisty my love. Scars? Oh I see.... That had to burn. The feeling isn't good I know.. Those punks. Listen, you had it tough and they don't know a single drop of what you've gone through. I think you're strong for holding yourself together this long. Those scars only make me adore you more for what harsh realities you had to face, Love. They tell me just how delicate, precious, and rare you are love. Anything else? Yes? Those people have nerve. I don't like what they said. But you know what? You're cute. Very cute to me. You're very beautiful and I can't stop expressing how good you look. Just do me a favor and keep smiling you cutie... Those people have nothing on you because you're cute, beautiful and original.

Hmmm.... Cute...

The author's comments:

So much hate and disgust being spread, about time something was said.

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