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The Beast Inside

November 21, 2015
By BeautifulSilence BRONZE, Frankfort, Illinois
BeautifulSilence BRONZE, Frankfort, Illinois
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     It had happened a few days ago.  Impulse had taken control of me.  I was never fond of my teacher, Ms. Camille.  She always yelled at me for raising my hand in class.  You may think this makes no sense since raising your hand in class is supposed to be a good thing, but she thinks I raise my hand too much.  I'm not trying to hurt anyone; I just like to answer questions, but she doesn't know that.  She thinks I'm just like my older sister, Nora, who bullied others by hogging attention from them; she downright hated her for this, and this is why she hates me, too.  Usually I'd be able to shrug off her rudeness because I have more important things to worry about, but I pulse made me snap.  I just went up there and mauled her until she was black and blue.  It was the most extreme thing I'd ever done, and now everyone is scared of me because of it.

     My life was ruined.  I've been home bound for weeks, and I don't get to see Amy friends from school anymore.  This was all because of Impulse.  I wanted to face this beast once and for all.

     I went inside my mind and was transported right to the monster.  It was hideous; it looked like some sort of human-like creature with sharp nails, bloodshot eyes with black ooze pouring from them, and sharp, six-inch incisors.  It appeared to be covered in scratch-shaped wounds, especially on its chest and forehead.  I took a closer look at the creature and saw that it looked just like me!  I soon realized that the Impulse had made itself a part of me; I'd let it control me for so long that it had made me its home.

     I felt like crying.  It hurt to find out that I was facing a demented version of myself.  I charged toward the impulse, ready to pounce, but the Impulse was too fast.  It sank its claws into my heart.  I collapsed in tears.  I felt so weak and useless.  I tried to get back up, but the Impulse just knocked me down again.  I tried to pin it down from where I was, but it immobilized me; there was nothing I could do.

     This creature was taking advantage of my emotions.  I had no choice but to cool down.  I took deep breaths as the Impulse began to dig its claws into my skin.  My skin became impenetrable.  The Impulse became more and more frustrated and clawed at my skin harder and harder.  The Impulse caused no damage at all; I was invincible.  My wounds healed, and I got up onto my feet and said, "I don't want to be controlled by you anymore.  You're only making things worse.  I want you gone."  Just by saying those words, the Impulse vanished into thin air.

     I left my mind in peace.  The next day, I apologized to everyone and explained to them all how I gave in to the control of the Impulse, and everything from then on was far better.

The author's comments:

I thought writing this would help me deal with my impulsiveness in a healthy way.

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