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The Mind Of A Child MAG

By Anonymous

   "You think you know everything, but what do you really know?"

I know a lot of things that she doesn't believe that I know because I pay attention and everything I know is because I choose to know what I know only when I think I know what I know because I will show her that I know more than she gives me credit for knowing I can't believe she would think that I don't know a lot about whatever it is that I am supposed to know a lot about this is unbelievable because I know so much more and what is the point of knowing anything if everyone will always question my knowledge I know so much for a nine-year-old more than she does and she's 34 years old and I know that that is really super-duper old compared to me because I learned that in school and I know that TV and teachers are never wrong because they know everything that's why they're teachers and my mom doesn't know as much as they do because I know more than she does but I know less than the teachers do so I guess that makes me smarter than my mom and I know more than her so why is she asking me what she's asking me.

"Mom, what was the question?" 1

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i love this !