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By Anonymous

   It was late one night, the fog was rolling around my ankles. Something was wrong, I could feel it in my stomach. I was running home as fast as I could, when something stopped me. I don't know what, but something deep in my soul was screaming at me to stop right then and there. I desperately wanted to get home. Home to my husband and kids, where it was safe. However I couldn't. I followed my feeling, until it lead me into a dead end alley. There were piles of boxes, and other trash. I began to walk down the alley, and then something grabbed my neck, tearing the flesh. Screaming, I spun around to see a stray cat slinking away. I rubbed the back of my neck, and realized that there were only minor scratches. Feeling ridiculous, I turned around, and started back to my apartment. The dark was getting into my mind, causing the shadows to appear as lairs for demons rather than a camouflage for rats and alley cats.

Once at my apartment, I turned out all the lights, and locked everything up. I checked on the kids, who were all asleep, then climbed into bed. I suddenly felt a chill tear through my body, and huddled closer to my husband. Half awakened by my cold body, he mumbled, "Where were you?" My only reply was, "Nowhere better than here."

The next morning, while watching the early news, A story about a murder came up. The anchor said, "Late last night, in an alley, a lady was murdered by an unknown person. We'll now go live to John, at the scene of the crime."

"Thank you Kate. It appears that an armed man was hiding under a pile of boxes when a young woman wandered into the alley. He attacked her, and beat her to death. The young woman was identified as Julia Simmons. This alley, off of Colonel Avenue has never once been the scene of a crime. This record was broken at twelve thirty last night. Back to you Kate."

While the newscaster began the next story, tears began to stream down my face. I was Julia Simmons. I am a ghost. 1

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i love this !