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The House MAG

By Anonymous

   There was a big empty field where Tyler pointed. The sky was a stretched-out blue.

"What do you think?" He asked, with a surprised sense of eagerness in his voice.

"I don't know."

"Don't know?"

"Well," I hesitated, almost ashamed to state the obvious. "There's nothing there."

And there wasn't. Nothing but a large field. Tyler had his own sense of reality, but seldom was as surreal as this. I could entertain his bizarre philosophies, but I simply couldn't walk into a house that didn't exist. A line had to be drawn.

"But it's right there ... " He was undaunted by my denial, and his index finger made a little circle in the sky to indicate what I was oblivious to. "Look again."

I sighed and turned my attention to the vast emptiness. My eyes blurred as I tried to focus them on a house that wasn't there. I think I blinked once or twice, and something in the heat and wind made the air shift a little, but that was all. I shaded my eyes for a moment and turned to face Tyler once again.

There was no need to speak, because he broke the silence with a tense jaw, eyes still locked on his vision. "You can't go inside if you don't see the door." He spoke loudly because a wind was rising. Strands of his hair began to fidget, making his rigid determination more dramatic giving power to his strange and prophetic words. This solemn tone was unusual for him, and it troubled me. Suddenly Tyler seemed so sad.

Suddenly, maybe there was a house.

Clouds began to roll in from the western edge of the land, and I watched with wonder as the blue in the sky flooded into a square right before us along the horizon. Tyler seemed not to notice. The dramatic change in weather occurred so rapidly, and he stood so still, that I questioned his mortality for a moment.

I say only a moment, because my attention quickly turned. Everything is easily forgotten when the impossible happens before your eyes.

I think Tyler was watching me, because I felt the warmth of his smile replace the sun, but I didn't take much notice. Hypnotized by the gathering of the house, his voice grew distant in my ears. All the hot light of day poured inside the sturdy, invisible walls as the clouds grew dark and ominous. The wind grew sharper, the door defined itself, and I think I heard my voice.

"It's a nice house, Tyler. It will protect us well."

I reached for Tyler's hand just as the storm broke, but I touched only air. I turned to see him, but there was nothing but wind and rain. Frightened and bewildered, I ran for the door.

It was warm inside, but lonely, as I watched the world around me wash away. Believing is seeing. I can say that with conviction, because now I live in visions. 1


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i love this !

marcus j. said...
on Jan. 16 2009 at 6:28 am
i voted its a good story i wish you luck

P.S. can i tell my freinds