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November 13, 2014
By gaabbbeeee_ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
gaabbbeeee_ BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Kevin is the only one that he knows of that is left without the infection. He escaped to Alcatraz to try and save himself and find a cure to save all of the people. He has lived here already for six months trying to figure out how this infection works and trying to break down and make the cure. He studied and studied and could not figure out why or what is causing this infection to be so deadly.
Days went by where he didn’t sleep all he did was study the infection. He finally came to where he couldn’t take it anymore and he had an emotional breakdown. He couldn’t stand being lonely anymore so he started to wonder around the island. In search of an animal to take as his pet so he wouldn’t be as lonely.
As he was walking around the island he wondered into the forest he got lost in the middle of the forest since everything looked the same. He didn’t know which way he came from to go back so instead he just kept on going forward. He was scared because he had never been to this part of the island.
A couple of days passed and he was still wondering around the forest. He’s been eating the fruit that he has been finding but he starts to hallucinate. He started to hear sounds and heard children laughing and talking. He started to run towards the children’s laughter. But he falls and hits his head on a jagged rock.
He wakes up inside of his house thinking about everything that had happened the days before was all just a bad dream, but it wasn’t. He gets up and walks into the restroom and sees the huge lump he has on his head from the fall. Then he smells food being cooked so he walks into the kitchen, to see a woman with her eight children cooking breakfast.
“Wh..Who are you guys?” asked Kevin
“Hi, I am Roxy, and these are my eight children. This is Jake, James, Kyle, and Ty. These are my boys, and these are my girls. Iliana, Arianna, Jane, and Sylvia.” She explained.
“Why are you guys in my house and how did you get here?” he impatiently asked.
“You were on the floor in the forest when we found you, by the looks of it you had hit your head on one of the rocks. How long had you been out there, what were you out there for?”  Roxy asked him.
“I’ve been here since the infection started and I left the city to find a remote secluded place to find a cure to help everyone.” He explained himself.
“Oh, so are you  a doctor or a scientist?” she asked.
“Yes I am a doctor.” He answered.
They all sat down and started eating; no one said one word while they were eating. Everyone finished eating and just awkwardly sat at the table in silence, not one word was said until Roxy was getting up to clean the dishes.
“Give me all of your di…” She started.
“Its okay I’ll wash them, you cooked.” He interrupted her before she could finish.
Roxy awkwardly let him do as he pleased, since it was his house. But she didn’t know what to do after, she didn’t know if she should just leave or stay and offer to help him with anything or if she should see if he wanted them to stay to help or so that they wouldn’t get infected as well. She just was unsure about everything and wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want to leave, but at the same time she didn’t want to over step her boundaries. She didn’t know if he wanted them there or not. She had already just intruded his house with all of her kids.
“You guys can stay here if you would like, I don’t know where you are staying so I don’t know if it is safe, and I wouldn’t want you or your kids to get infected.” He said.
“No, its okay I don’t want to get in the way of your research.” She replied to him.
“No, you won’t, I insist you guys stay. I’d prefer it, I could really use the company. It gets really lonely here all by myself everyday. I’ve started talking to the plants.” He explained.
“Okay, we will, we just have to go get our stuff from the forest and well stay here,” she chuckled.
Kevin went with them to collect all their belongings from the forest to help them move into his house. They got to where they were staying and Kevin realized they had no shelter or any form of protection. He felt a lot better knowing that he had told them to come and stay with him because he would feel so guilty if something had happen to them.
A couple of days had passed and everything was running smoothly, all the kids loved living with Kevin. While they were all there, he had progressed faster than when he first moved out there. But that night something terrible happened.
All the kids were outside playing when Jake and Jane were out by the water they saw something move around in the bushes on the other side. They just assumed it was one of their siblings so they thought nothing of it. But as the infected person came out of the bushes both of them just screamed.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MOMMMMMMMM!” they both screeched at the top of their lungs.
Roxy came running out of the house in a panic, trying to figure out what was going on. But when she realized why the kids were running away she had to gather all eight of them and get them inside of the house as soon as possible.
Kevin came out right after her to see what was going on when he saw the infected person and grabbed as many of the kids he could and ran back into the house.
“Ho..How did it get here?” asked Roxy impatiently.
“I have no idea but if there’s one, then there are many more to come.” Kevin explained to Roxy.
“I’m almost done with the cure I just have to test it out.” He said.
“Well, go, go try it,” she told him.
Kevin got up and quietly went outside the house to test his cure out and he sprayed the infected man with the cure but nothing happened. Then, immediately after the man attacked Kevin and now he was infected as well. Then soon after, both Kevin and the other infected man got inside the house with Roxy and the kids. They all ran for their lives but they weren’t fast enough and as soon as one of them was infected all the rest soon followed and were all infected within a matter of two minutes.
But then something weird started to happen, the original infected man was shaking and having seizures. Then he got up and was no longer infected he was back to normal, a regular man again. Then when he realizes what was happening and what he did he felt so bad and guilty. He doesn’t know what to do; he doesn’t want to live this life. So he finds the other infected people and just lets them infect him again.
Now, no one will know of this cure and all of Kevin’s hard work has gone to waste.

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