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By Anonymous

   A father sits on a plastic chair at the airport, the type that is bolted to the floor in groups of about four, talking to his two smaller children about Disneyworld. It sounds like they've wanted to go for a long time. I'm sure if I ran over and told the littlest one that a huge rat would be walking up to her, she wouldn't be too thrilled. She likes to say "Yeah" a lot. She sits on a blue carpet next to her mother's feet in a light purple sweatsuit. She's got blond curly hair but it must have just started growing since it's not long or abundant. She's always smiling. The only time she doesn't smile is when she looks at her shoe for a while, then grabs at it with both hands, trying to pull it off or put it in her mouth. I can't tell which. Every time she tries, her mother sees her, picks up the little girl and puts her on her lap.

The mother talks in baby gibberish to the girl and she giggles while listening to the funny sounds her mother is making. Her mother's hair is put up and she's not wearing very much make-up. She's wearing a white sweater with some small colorful design and blue jeans. Her face looks as if she's been up all night, probably packing and doing last minute stuff before they go. She smiles, but not very much. She looks worried. Maybe they left something on at home or she's afraid of flying.

The other little girl is sitting watching her father with enthusiasm. She can speak but some of her sentences don't make any sense. She's telling her father all the things she wants to do when they arrive at Disneyworld. She wants to see Cinderella, Mickey and go in "the big blue castle on TV." She looks like a bigger version of her sister with curly hair and lots of it. It's blonde and has grown to shoulder length. She's wearing a t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on a white background. Her blue jeans are not plain. It looks like there's some kind of design painted on it. It reminds me of Tweety Bird or Big Bird, big and yellow. She's too far away to make it out.

The father likes to talk. He hasn't stopped since I arrived at the gate. I wouldn't be surprised if it was all his idea to go. He seems like a big kid that's been wanting to go for all his life. He's got blond hair but that's all I can tell. He put on a baseball cap with the logo of some golfing store. He has a dark tan unlike the rest of his family who are all fair-skinned. He's wearing a blue Champion sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers. They all seem to get along well as they board the plane with smiles on their faces. Holding hands, the littlest with her mother, they walk down the walkway onto the plane as they talk about the adventures to come. 1

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i love this !