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Mind Tricks.

October 24, 2008
By Sam Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
Sam Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The sun peaked through the blinds and lit up Jason’s hair. The air was warm and the green grass vibrated in the soft wind. The classroom was noisy with kids. The hallway was filled with chatter about anything that was on a normal 14-year-old’s mind. The teacher sat at her desk waiting for the bell to signal a new day, a new lesson.
Jason was talking to his friends when the feeling hit him. The day was as normal as any other day for the past three months since school began. Everything was completely normal, but this strange feeling came across him without warning. It was so unexpected to Jason. He fell out of his seat and slid to the floor. Screams filled his ears and the world turned black. Jason was unconscious…

I’m sorry it happened like this chap. We’ll be good pals, I’m sure of it! Go ahead, Jason, wake on up. The world is waiting on you.

“Jason? Please wake up! Jason!” a woman screamed.
Her voice broke through the brick walls of Jason’s head. Air filled his lungs like a title wave. He stood up, dazed and confused.
“Am I in heaven?” Jason asked the woman.
“Oh thank god your ok! We were so worried about you,” the women said holding Jason in her arms like he was in preschool again.
“Where am I?”
“You must of hit your head on the desk on the way down. Oh this could be bad.” She held him tighter. Jason broke free of her strangling grasp and shuffled to his feet. He looked around. His confusion went up a notch. He stood in the middle of his classroom. Jason’s frightened colleagues stared at him like he was from another galaxy. The woman was his mom. The teacher must have called her in since she’s a teacher on the other wing of the school. Jason just stood there taking in the scene. “I must have been more tired than I thought I was,” Jason pointed out.
“Are you going to be ok, Jason?” his mom asked.
“Yeah, I think so.”
“Well you should come home with me just to make sure. I’ll get your homework later” His mom headed Jason out the door and through the school. It started out as such a nice day…

The Entrance

Jason couldn’t sleep that night. Something was running around in the back of his head. He can almost hear the footsteps and the pitter-patter of soft boots. Jason stalked toward the kitchen to get some headache medicine, hoping to send the runner packing. Jason got back in bed and tried to enter dreamland.

It didn’t work. It got worse and worse by the minute. Someone was holding a marathon in his head. The footsteps turned into quick sprints. Jason thought he was going insane. He rushed out of bed and to his parent’s room. “ Something is wrong with my head. I don’t know what to do.” Jason said bluntly.
“Uh oh. How badly does it hurt?” his dad asked half asleep.
“It feels like something is taking a screw driver and screwing holes into my brain!” His dad jumped out of his bed and rushed Jason to the hallway to see his head in the light. Nothing physical was noticeable.

The pounding, pitter-patter, and footsteps went away as fast as it came.
“Never mind dad, I feel fine. I think the Advil kicked in.” Jason said as he turned toward his room. His dad just gave Jason a confused look, and then returned to his bed without a word. Jason went back to his room and fell asleep within minutes.
Mind Tricks

The next morning was fairly unusual. Jason felt…great. Jason felt like a million bucks. He had no worries, he wasn’t tired as he normally would be in the mornings, and he even woke up two hours before his alarm clock even went off. He didn’t know if something was terribly wrong with him, or if it was just one of those mornings that come and go. Whatever the case was, Jason felt fantastic. He cooked himself eggs and bacon that easily ruled over the other choice of cereal. He doesn’t even like to cook, but with his attitude, he didn’t care.

It pays off, buddy, it pays off. We need a little chitchat. Shall we?

Screaming came from the hallways of Jason’s brain. The world turned black. Not again, Jason thought.

Jason woke up. Something was not right. Something strange has happened. Jason couldn’t take it in for a second. The kitchen was not the kitchen. It was pulsing. It was as if the room was alive. The walls were pumping in and out, in and out. A red haze filled the air and Jason’s lungs were on fire. He couldn’t feel anything, though. No feeling in his arms, no feeling in his legs. He pinched himself. Nothing. He panicked. What the heck was going on?

Spooky, huh? It still gives me the scatters! Eh, you’re a tough chap, you’ll get over it sooner than later.

It laughed, a deep, creepy kind of laugh. The dark, tall figure just appeared out of nowhere. It was completely black. No hint of light shown from it. Jason just sat there and stared at the figure.

Oh, how rude of me! I didn’t even introduce myself. To you, chap, the names Devonighte, but you can call me Devon.

Jason said nothing.

Well I can see confusion in your eyes little lad, I’ll fill you in a bit. Oh heavens, I probably scare the wits out of you! I’m a Demon if you haven’t noticed. I am pure evil. I came from the 16th layer of Hell. My duty is to do the Reaper’s deeds for a while. I need you to help. Any questions?

Jason said nothing. The Demon and Jason just kept their positions and a thick silence fell upon them.

Bottom line kid, your goanna help me slice up some kiddies. You’re the lucky chosen one that was selected at the Council Of Death, blah blah blah. Now lets get a move on.

“Wait, so your like a Demon from hell that is taking The Grim Reaper’s job for the week and you want me to help you kill people?”

That’s pretty much the point, yes.

“Wow. This is some sick joke right? Where are the hidden cameras? I suggest you stop this voodoo crap or I’ll call the cops. I’m late for school already.” Jason stood up from the floor and tried to walk away, but then black smoke surrounded his vision and his stomach felt like it was being plummeted off a cliff. He started screaming and fear overwhelmed his thoughts. The next thing before he knew what was going on, the floor gave way and Jason vanished from the red pulsing kitchen.

The Blackness

He put his hands in front of his face. Nothing. Everywhere he looked, blackness stole his vision. He couldn’t see even the hint of light. Jason sat there for what seemed like hours, wherever that might be. He panicked inside. He desperately wanted to be in the light of day. He wanted to run around and actually see what was in front of him. He wasn’t going to move though, it was too dark and he didn’t trust the blackness. Jason was scared beyond anything he could imagine. Just as he thought he was going to scream his lungs out, a spotlight turned on up above. Wherever he was, the place was huge because the switch of the light echoed off into the distance.

Jason, do you know where you are?

Devon’s voice echoed off into the distance, the blackness swallowing it whole. His voice seemed to come from every direction.

“No.” was all Jason could peep out.

Hmmm. That’s what I expected- as usual. You are in your own kingdom inside your head, lad. This is your very own personal space. This is where you think, where you make decisions, and where you can escape for a while. Not many people know how to find this part of their head. You are lucky I’m here. I gave you a little short cut. Now, do you have any questions? I’m sure you do…

“Why? Why do you have to do this? I don’t want to be any part of whatever it is I’m part of. Take me home. Now!”

Hold on there chap, this could be quite the experience of your life. Just try it, that’s all I ask of you. One kill, please.

Silence moved in with the blackness and a heavy gut feeling stole Jason’s heart. He didn’t know what to do. What if someone knew I killed someone! Who would I be killing? Am I killing someone myself? He made his decision. “Fine. If I do this, would you leave me alone?” Jason asked.

Yes, I’ll leave you alone till the day you die. You wont even see the wits of me again. You wont be able to find me ever again. Is that terms you seek, lad?

“Sounds mighty fine, lad” Jason mocked Devon, who laughed at his own insult.

This should be fun.

An enormous gust of wind came from the deep depths of the blackness and rushed past Jason, followed by screaming and the scene of reality. Jason was back into the kitchen- completely normal. No pulsing walls, no thick red haze that made Jason’s lungs burn. Plain old reality was stood before him.

--Jason’s View--

I don’t know what the hell is going on. I need a break from Crazy Town. A demon comes into my life and wants me to help him out by killing people because he took the Grim Reaper’s job for a while? Are you kidding me? Devon, I think his name was, is quite the creeper. He has a weird English accent and a heart-wrenching laugh. I don’t know what I got myself into. My head is so caught up in all this. I guess the only way I can move on with my life is to steal someone else’s life. I don’t want to, but it might just be the only way…

A Warm Welcoming

Everyone was glad I was ok. My friends said they thought it was funny and I was just trying to get some attention. They don’t know the half of it. The bell rang three times, but the class was still chattering about the incident that occurred yesterday. The teacher was nowhere to be found. After about ten minutes of classroom chaos, the teacher came rushing through the door in a harried fashion. She told everyone to find his or her seats and shut up. “Jason? Can I speak to you in private please?” She said.

“Um, y-yeah, no prob.” I stuttered. The classroom fell silent. I got up from my seat and made my way to the door. The teacher and I stood alone in the hallway.

“Did you talk to your parents this morning?” She asked.

“No, they usually don’t wake up before I leave. Why?”

“Oh boy. Um, do you know where they are right now…?”
She had a strange look on her face. Something was wrong.

“I don’t now. Work? Is something wrong?”

“I don’t have the authority to tell you. I will tell you this though; if you did it, for God knows why, I suggest you tell the officers right away. Do you understand? Your going to have enough trouble as it is…” She patted me on the back and gave me sympathetic eyes. I didn’t know what to say. What is going on? I look to my right and see metal badges and dark blue walking toward me. The police. It seemed like a lifetime till they reached me.

“We have some bad news kid. Come with us.” One of the larger cops demanded. I didn’t say a word. I followed. We walked outside and got into one of the two cop cars that were parked in front of the school. It was quite sunny out.


The room reminded me of one of those good cop-bad cop scenes like on TV. I sat in a chair in front of a large table across from the two police officers that took me here. They didn’t look very swell. The larger cop shown concern in his eyes. The other, smaller looking one, didn’t even look at me. I guess he was more interested about the floor than whatever was going on. A small brief case sat on the table. “ We know you did it, Jason. Just come clean with it. It’s only going to get harder if you don’t tell us,” the larger cop said. I looked up at him. What is he talking about? “ Don’t give me that crap, boy, I’m running out of patients.”
“I don’t know what this is about. Are you sure you have the right Jason?” I replied.
“Oh yes, you’re the right one. Boy I’ll tell you one more time. Come clean or else the consequences are goanna get worse and worse!” he walked to my side and leaned over the corner of the table. Right near my face. His knuckles turned white.
“S-sir, I don’t know what your talking about.” I stuttered. He stared into my eyes for a while. I could swear I saw a burning ember spark in the middle of his eyes. I was scared now. What on earth did I do?
“You’re a sick, sick person. I’m done with you.” The larger man broke the gaze and stormed out of the room. It was only the smaller officer and I now. A silence flooded the room and didn’t let us breathe. I had to drain it. “Would you mind telling me what the hell is going on? I think it would be a little easier.”
“Well, I don’t know what is going through your head, Jason, but I guess if you want to hear ‘our side of the story’ then I suppose it’s fine.” He grabbed a seat and sat across from me. He pulled out a manila folder from the little brief case that sat on the table. I could see a couple pictures and a few documents of some sort. He scatters through the heap for a minute, then walked over to me with a few of the mysterious parchments. He arranged a few pictures in front of me on the table. They were full of blood and body parts. What the heck is his problem! I shuttered away and put my head in my sleeve. “ Oh, you don’t recognize this? I don’t buy it kid. Cut the crap. I know, it’s a twisted scene, right? It must take a sick mind to do something like this. Remind you of anybody? Huh, Jason? Just confess!” I thought this guy was supposed to be the good cop. I got my nerve to look at one of the pictures again. Something clicked in my head. I didn’t want it to be, but it was. They were my parents.

The Ending Of A New Life

A thin strip of vibrant light sneaks past the crack of the closet. I told the police men to take me home. They could see the confusion and shock in my eyes. They didn’t even think twice. I keep my head in between my knees as I sat there in the dark, cold closet. I don’t know what to fill my head with. Anger? Depression? What was I supposed to feel?

Jason, that was a grand job you did. Couldn’t of done better myself. I’m proud of you lad! So smooth, so sneaky! What’s with the long face?

I look beside me. It was dark, but I could see him sitting beside me. His darkness is something further than any darkness I’ve seen in my life…

Oh, pucker up chap. It was going to happen anyways. Just look at it like this, at least you did the job instead of someone else, right?

“What…?” I look into his darkness of a face.

Oh heavens, you must still be a little blank since last night. Don’t worry; it’ll hit you before you know it lad.

“What are you saying Jason? Are you saying I killed my parents? I’m sick of your sick jokes, Devon. Tell me the truth!” I feel it now. Anger.

Well, yes. You did. But it wasn’t your choice I’m afraid. Pardon me, but you agreed to help. Did I say who the victims were, Jason? No, so keep your head up. At least you did a fantastic job right?

The world was spinning so fast. I want to be with my mom and dad. This isn’t happening. This can’t be happening! Just then, my closet vanished. Darkness filled the crack of light. It was windy now. A vast area opened up. I’m in my head again.

Jason. Don’t feel bad tha-

“Don’t tell me what to feel! Why don’t I remember any of this! I was sleeping for god sake!” my screams echoed into the blackness.

I barrowed you for this. Well, your body technically. You see, Jason, I can’t kill without a host. Good thing you’re handy!
His famous evil laugh echoed and fed the darkness. I didn’t sign up for this. Did I? I only wanted him out of my life, not my parents. I’m not going to live with this. I can’t. “Get out.”

Why so quick lad? I know your first kill wasn’t the favored one apparently, but imagine the power you have now. Anyone you want dead. Bam. Dead. Easy as that. Not everyone gets this opportunity.

“Except twisted serial killers! Devon, you said one kill. My parents are dead, Devon! You’re a sick, sick…thing. You said you would go away forever by now. I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m not even doing it, you are! Go find your own body!” So much anger steamed out of my throat. I wanted it all to be over before anyone else gets hurt… or dead.

I lied. You have so much life in you. So much anger! I love it. Let the anger control you. You see, we are going to live the rest of your life together. The Grim Reaper isn’t gone for the week. I killed him, and now, we are the new Death. What do you think of that! Fun, huh?

Oh God. This isn’t happening. There is no way this is real. The Grim Reaper is fake, demons are fake, windy spaces in my head are fake. All this is a nightmare. I need to wake up. “Devon, take me home. I don’t want anything to do with your crazy plan. I want my life back. Who knows, maybe I could live with my grand parents. I’ll get over it in a few years. Therapy helps.”

If that is how it’s going to be then fine. You have done enough. This life isn’t for everyone. Goodbye chap. Good luck.

A gust of wind came from the blackness and carried the space away. The sight of the classroom came next…

“Jason? Please wake up! Jason!” a familiar woman screamed. Her voice broke through the brick walls of my head. Air filled my lungs like a title wave. I opened my eyes and stood up. The scene was all too familiar. The woman was my mom.
“Mom!” I yelled. I hugged her tighter than her grasp on me.
“Oh Jason, your awake! Thank God, we were getting worried sick.” Is this really happening? Am I back to that same day it all happened? Was it all really just my imagination? I smiled.
“Lets go home, alright? You should take the day off. Is your head ok?”
“Just fine, mom.” I left the school with a smile that was glued to my face. It’s all over. I took a deep breathe of relief. It was a nice day out.

How about the teacher? She seems like a nice lady. Too bad it had to be this way.

A sick laugh filled Jason’s head and haunted his mind. It’s all over, right?

Oh heavens, this is just the beginning chap! I hope you wear something warm to bed tonight, it’s supposed to be a bit chilly outside.

“Oh no.”

The End.

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