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January 2, 2013
By londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
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The water looked deep and inviting. How easy would it be if I just let myself drop in? I could just lift my arms up, go up into the balls of my feet and just let myself fall. It could happen in seconds. No one would see, or even do anything. I'd be falling fast through the air before anyone would even notice. I'd crash into the water, deep, and just let the ocean fill my lungs. I'd let the sea take possession of my body.
It's the easiest and less painful way to do it, right? Wrong. Something always gets in the way.
"Hannah.." I heard a voice.
I was standing on the cliff, my bare toes just over the ledge. I was ready.
I turned around.
"What are you doing? We have to go"
There she was, the interruptor of my plans. A total b**** in other words, my mother.
I turned back around, and stared out longingly at the ocean that was stretched out in front of me.
I sighed, and walked away from the ocean.

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