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Cool Blue Eyes

December 12, 2012
By SteelersJdog GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SteelersJdog GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Cool Blue Eyes

“Here!” Brett shouted.
Felix mustered up all of his strength and shoved the Wilson basketball into Brett’s eager hands.

“Back around!” Felix replied.
Brett then returned the favor by handing the ball into the palms of the revolving Felix.
“Shoot!” They both shouted.
The ball floated off of Felix’s hands and plummeted softly through the chained hoop.
“Yes!” Felix cheered, “That’s game. You guys want to play again?”
“No man, I don’t feel like getting schooled again.” Ben joked. “Good luck in the tournament tomorrow though. Are you guys nervous?”
“Us nervous…yeah right!” Brett reassured. “The only thing I’m afraid of is how sick it’s going to be when Felix swishes our game winning three!”
“Haha, yeah…you guys will be fine. Can’t wait to see you guys at the games, it should be a spectacle.” Ben replied. “Well, I gotta go, see you guys later.”
“Take care Ben.” Felix said. “Brett, you wanna play again. Maybe a little one on one?”
“No…My leg’s cramping up. Besides, we better rest up before tomorrow.” Brett replied.
“Fine…I guess you’re right.” Felix said.
Brett started to limp off of the court when Felix caught his attention.
“Hey Brett, don’t leave me hanging!” Felix yelled.
Brett then stopped. He felt the warm summer air kiss his aching body, and the crystal clear sky calm his anxiety. He turned around to his best friend and stared him in the eye. Those cool blue eyes that had helped him when his father died, those cool blue eyes that helped him when he failed his junior year, and those cool blue eyes that loved him when no one else would. He then raised his hand and saluted to his friend in the same way that they had done for seventeen years now. Felix saluted back and they exchanged a few glances as Brett walked home.
The next day Brett and Felix bolted to the Louisiana Superdome which would host the “2012 Amateur Championship Classic”. The winner would earn a $100,000 scholarship to Kentucky University. Both of the competitors gazed across the vast horizon of fervent fans that were ready for a battle.
“All competitors to room 51 please! All competitors to room 51!” A loud voice shouted.
“Well, this is it.” Brett said.
“Yep, let’s do this.” Felix replied.
“Welcome contestants! You who were chosen represent the very best in high school basketball athletics. Congratulations on your hard work! Today it will pay off. You will compete in a series of 1-on-1 games in a tournament style and the last two competitors will square off in the tournament championship. The brackets are on that table. Are there any questions?” The referee asked.
Instantly Brett and Felix gazed into each other’s eyes. They had expected the tournament to be 2-on-2; they now knew that one of them would go home in a losing effort.
As the tournament started, Brett and Felix destroyed the competition. The optimistic competitors were no match for the dynamic duo of Brett and Felix. One by one, opponents fell at the feet of the two powerhouses. Both of them easily rolled past their inferior competition and were set to compete against each other in the tournament championship.
“Congratulations to our two finalists for this year’s ‘Amateur Classic Championship’. They are Brett Jones, and Felix Avonworth!” The announcer yelled.
The crowed roared with applause, and all of the people stood in awe. Never in the history of the tournament had two players rolled through their competition like Brett and Felix had.
“Alright gentlemen, Are you ready?” The announcer asked.
They both looked at him with cold eyes for they knew that they would be fighting themselves in that moment.
“Alright, here we go!” The announcer screamed as the ball was tipped.
Instantly, Felix took the ball. He flew down the side of the court and leapt over the shell-shocked Brett for an easy score. The crowed gasped in amazement as Felix sighed in remorse. Brett then took the ball and shook Felix out of his skeleton with a devastating crossover dribble. He then finished off the move with an easy lay-up at the rim. The crowd once again cheered in awe. They had never seen such gifted athletes. As the game went on, both Felix and Brett were physically matched. Both of them knew the other’s strength’s and weaknesses.
Late in the game, it was tied at seven. There were thirteen seconds to go, and Felix had the ball. As he began to take it out, both he and Brett stared into each other’s eyes. Felix was overwhelmed with sorrow. He knew that he could not win the game. Brett felt the same way. He saw those cool blue eyes and knew what he had to do. With a few seconds left on the clock, Felix drove the ball just outside of the three point line ready to blow the game, when Brett fell over in pain.
“Ah, cramp!” He shouted in agony.
Felix stared at his helpless friend and was engulfed by anguish and despair. However, it was at that moment when Brett stopped squealing and looked up at Felix. With a smile on his face, Brett raised his hand to his forehead and gave him a firm salute.
“Thanks for everything partner, it’s time I return the favor.”
At that moment, Felix smiled and launched the ball towards $100,000. The wobbly sphere cut through the moist air as it descended through the laced net. The crowd erupted in awe and excitement for Felix had won, but more importantly, Felix knew that he had more than a friend. He had a brother.

The author's comments:
This was a piece that I wrote for school and my teacher said that I should submit to this site, so I hope that you guys enjoy it.

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