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When Soul Departs

March 5, 2012
By Black_Tiara BRONZE, Navi Mumbai, Other
Black_Tiara BRONZE, Navi Mumbai, Other
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They X-ray'd and found
A puncture in my ribs;
They said I would die;
Their words seemed glib.

I lay there staring
At the ceiling wall,
With people around me.
My name, they called.

I closed my eyes
And let myself dream
About my life
And how it had seemed.

After all those times
In deserted misery
People flocked
Vague in my memory.

The weather was cold
And I heard it rain
Though the wind outside
Was warm and plain.

Then suddenly the doc
Spit the words out.
"He's dead", he said
And people began to shout.

"Has he gone insane?"
I thought,"I can hear him speak."
That's when I got up

The author's comments:
A puncture in the ribs,
Fake cries of people,
Final destination,
And the soul gets up to see its body!

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