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Kyle Lancaster

February 29, 2012
By lvamp1192 SILVER, Schuylerville, New York
lvamp1192 SILVER, Schuylerville, New York
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“Don’t you know you could go away for years?”
“Does it matter? I have got nothing else to do. It’s easy money and mostly risk free.”
“You’re planning on bringing down a multimillion dollar crime spree by joining them. What’s the point you’re not a cop you WILL go down with them.”
“I DON’T CARE!!!” he screamed
“You are a loose cannon!” she yelled condescendingly

Kyle Lancaster’s intentions weren’t what everyone thought. He didn’t want to join them to bring them down he wanted to build them up as the boss himself. He needed her to think he was on her side simply for the fact of someone sticking up for him at his trial. He wanted a cushy prison life. He would make sure though that when he got out all loose ends would be tied. He was going through the motions of a cheerful man who went to work and came home. He never so much would look like anyone who committed crimes of large scale at least 3 times a week. He walked to the alley where he would stop to smoke and “talk” with “upstanding citizens” who hang out in the alley.
“Shay Carter, long time no see…When did you get out?”
“About two years after you put me in there.” Shay replied as he punched Kyle in the stomach.
“I thought we were past that...I wrote you letters.” He sarcastically said while coughing and trying to regain his bearings.
“Kyle….we are. You know me better than to hold a grudge it’s bad for the health.”
“What isn’t these days? Any news on the new job?” he said taking another hit on his cigarette.
“Boss went underground…red and blue lights keep this town on high alert.”
“Well where underground? I’m sure you would know my dear friend Shay.”
“I do. Of course I would know. Someone has to feed the man along with keeping him thoughtlessly drunk.”
“So can you set up a meeting?” Kyle asked.
“You know I can’t give you his location.”
“Can you tell him we need to talk?”
“I’ll see what I can do.”
“Thanks…Shay…” he said slowly as he punched Shay in the stomach before leaving.

Kyle laughed out loud as he walked to his house. He rented out the basement to a high school kid who used to have his ear to the ground after Shay’s unfortunate arrest. He knocked on the basement door, “Matrix….you home?”
“Yeah, come in.”
“Got a present for you.” He pulled the IPhone out of his pocket.
“I’ll give you this if you do me a favor.”
“Yeah sure anything.”
“Here’s like fifty bucks buy me some tracphones and minutes.”
“Ha that didn’t take long crime calling or silently whispering your name.” Matrix laughed at Kyle’s inability to steer away from crime.
“The crime of the century my friend.”
“Well do tell…”

Kyle didn’t want to tell him this was to be his crime and his only. Maybe Matrix could learn from his mistakes and live a life that benefits him. Whether it’s a life like mine or he finds his way in the white collar type of job. I’d be proud either way he’s a good kid. That 17 year old kid was his family his one sole responsibility that’s what made this difficult.
“Just a job with Cristico.”
“No… you almost died last time. Cristico burns everyone he works with. Shay’s only alive because you sent him to jail and that proved his worth. Only thing that’s going to prove your worth is your death!”
“You always were so dramatic Matrix.”

Kyle left Matrix sitting there with his money and a job to do while he went upstairs. Kyle had to figure out how to intercept a shipment of military grade guns and equipment for the “crime of a century”. Forging documents was Cristico’s job. He just had to be the brains of the operation. He could show up as the delivery guy and send a decoy vehicle to the location. Obviously, more planning than that but the details aren’t needed. Matrix returned with the phones. Kyle took a phone, dialed a number. The phone had barely rung when it was answered.
“You’ve reached Shay’s pizza place may I take your order?”
“People really eat there?”
“Yes. Yes we have that. For tomorrow at 9pm. We’re not usually open that late but I can make an exception.”
“You never did answer my question.”

That was all Kyle needed a time and a place his meeting with Cristico was a go. The next day Kyle sat at a nearby table. He had no emotion that’s right he was completely numb. Kyle didn’t want to have to leave here with Cristico still breathing but as it was he would still be. Cristico was responsible for everything wrong in Kyle’s life but Kyle couldn’t help but still feel admiration for the man. He left no one close to him. Kyle was the closest anyone got that either made Cristico the smartest man alive or the dumbest. Kyle grinned and stood as Cristico came into close view.
“Kyle that’s what you go by now? Amazing how many times you can change the letters around in your name.” Cristico stated with what was supposed to be a laugh.
“Hey what’s life without a few changes? You would know right.” Kyle said to Cristico.
“Careful Kyle the only thing separating us is the air...” Shay replied cutting Cristico’s thought off. He also was getting a little too comfortable reaching behind him to grab his gun. They talked for a while but nothing meant anything to Kyle. The heist was going down tomorrow the heist he had needed to fix everything. He parted with a glance but he didn’t go home he stayed at the site of the heist in the car he recently “acquired.”
The heist. The beginning of the heist went off like it was supposed to this was all going to be worth it. The decoy vehicle in place and everyone going where they were meant to go except Kyle. He was driving this car full of military grade guns and equipment to anywhere but the heist site. To be entirely clear he was driving the car directly to the precinct. This plan ultimately resulted in Kyle’s immediate arrest he had a truck full of stolen property, forged licenses it didn’t matter what he said. Since he did cooperate enough without giving really any names his prison home wasn’t that bad. His “friend” who always thought he was a loose cannon wrote him every day and claimed to have pleaded in a letter for Kyle to be heard and for him to stay out of the system. She wasn’t the only one to write him Shay wrote him a lot too. Simply because that was the code amongst thieves. It didn’t matter Kyle was already in the system and happy to be. He served a six year sentence but was released early for good behavior. This was the big break he needed. The big breakout. The revenge time. Kyle looked at the sun with admiration as he left Hallendale prison behind him. He hitched a ride to Shay’s Pizza place. “Where’s Cristico?”
“He’s not here but you have a lot of nerve showing your face around here after you screwed everyone over.”
“Just tell me where he is. I’m not screwing around Shay this is between me and him. It always has been you’ve just been unfortunately stuck in the middle. I don’t want to make a scene in front of your customers Shay just tell me where he is. I’ll help you start over.”
“3254 West Green Street. The abandoned warehouse.”

Kyle sighed he knew the place; it’s where he lived for several years. It’s where he originally met Cristico. He went in the side way and prepared himself for the last battle. His life would be better now right? He walked down the hall and found Cristico signing some papers probably scams he had made across the United States. “I didn’t get any letters I was very disappointed you know how your complete lack of personality makes my days a little brighter.”
“Well you know I’m a busy guy I got things to do.”
“Don’t we all…don’t mind if I have some wine do you?” Kyle asked grabbing a bottle, he didn’t need a glass. Cristico’s false sense of security irritated Kyle people can get to you no matter what. Cristico stood and grabbed the bottle of wine from Kyle and handed him a different one. Kyle took this opportunity to pull the knife from his pocket and took a well-aimed stab at Cristico. “You think I can’t make my own decisions. Can’t accept the fact that I might be smarter than you? I planned this, this was mine. Your guards yeah well they could care less what happens to you. You burn us all one way or another so maybe it’s just time you learn. We can burn back. We can get our lives back.” Kyle spat back at him. Then he left and got ready for his new life. His new job set up in a different state. Two weeks later, Kyle walked into the executive business and found his new boss “Hi my name is Tyler Anclaskt this is my associate Ashe Crytar.”

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