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Mr. Snippet

July 5, 2011
By Dreams4Ever GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Dreams4Ever GOLD, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Mr. Snippet (A mouse inhabiting the Acornia Forest)
Nutter Butter (A squirrel who tends to be mean)
Chitter Chatter (Squirrel)
Bushy Fluff (Squirrel)

Scene 1: The Plan
Scene 2: The Deceit
Scene 3: The Fall

Scene 1: The Field outside of Nuttersville
Scene 2: The path in the forest
Scene 3: The River


NARRARATOR: In the Acornia Forest there lived a mouse that had the biggest feet and ears of any other mouse in the forest. Mr. Snippet, as he was called, wasn't very popular with the other creatures of the forest because whenever he talked, he talked in questions, and apart from that everyone always made fun of his big ears and feet. When Mr. Snippet had first arrived in the Acornia forest from anther country, the animals of the forest had tried to be friendly to him, but soon they stopped trying to be nice after they became annoyed with all his questions, and they started to make fun of his big feet. Whenever Mr. Snippet went into Nuttersville, all of the animals hid behind the trees and snickered at him as he walked past. Mr. Snippet, being a humble mouse, would always pay them no attention and walk on his way. One day when three young squirrels were playing in the field they saw Mr. Snippet come walking down the road.
(Onstage we see three squirrels NUTTER BUTTER, CHITTER CHATTER, and BUSHY FLUFF laughing while they chase each other in a field.)
NUTTER BUTTER (quietly) : “Hey guys, look! There’s Mr. Snippet coming down the road; I bet he’s headed to Nuttersville!”
(CHITTER CHATTER and BUSHY FLUFF stop their game of tag and start scampering toward town.)
CHITTER CHATTER: “Come on, Nutter Butter, I better warn my mother to close her shop. When Mr. Snippet came into town last week she was stuck answering his questions for over an hour.
(NUTTER BUTTER begins to follow after the two squirrels, but stops.)
NUTTER BUTTER (Excited): “Hey you guys, wait up! I’ve got an idea.”
(All three squirrels stop and huddle together chattering in whispering voices. After a few seconds they scurry off, snickering.)

(We see MR. SNIPPET walking down the road, whistling while he reads a book, and NUTTER BUTTER standing in the middle of MR. SNIPPET'S path.)
NUTTER BUTTER (In a cheery voice): “Good day, Mr. Snippet!”
MR. SNIPPET (Startled): “I say, Nutter Butter? How are you? Is it not a fine morning?”
NUTTER BUTTER: "Indeed Mr. Snippet, it is, it is! What brings you to Nuttersville today?”
(MR. SNIPPET reaches into his satchel that is hanging from his shoulder, putting away his book and pulling out a pair of sandals.)
MR. SNIPPET: Ah, do you not see these shoes? Does it appear that they are far too small for my feet? I do believe my feet are red from going barefoot down this road, are they not?”
NUTTER BUTTER (Trying not to laugh): “Oh, Mr. Snippet. You poor paws! Come along, I know a shortcut to Nuttersville! Follow me quickly!”
NARRARATOR: So Mr. Snippet followed Nutter Butter through the forest, thankful that someone was finally being nice to him. Nutter Butter chatted away while they walked and only stopped when they got into a dilemma.
(NUTTER BUTTER and MR. SNIPPET are standing before a giant mud pit that is too wide to go around with a narrow stick laying across it that is acting as a bridge.)
NUTTER BUTTER (with paws on his hips): "All right, Mr. Snippet! All you have to do is cross the bridge, take a right at the fork in the road, and you'll be in Nuttersville within three twitches of a squirrels tail."
MR. SNIPPET (nervously): "Are you sure that bridge is safe to cross, Nutter? Don't you think that it looks a little precarious?"
NUTTER BUTTER (laughing): "Oh, it's fine! I've crossed this bridge as many times as I have relatives!"
MR. SNIPPET (looking down at his big, blistered feet.): "Well, you're sure it's safe?"
NUTTER BUTTER: "Sure as my name's Nutter Butter!"
(MR. SNIPPET begins to cross the bridge and is at the half way point when he is suddenly bombarded with acorns from the surrounding trees. Caught by surprise he loses his balance and falls into the mud pit.)
NUTTER BUTTER (climbing up the tree trunk): "Ha ha! Gotcha! There's no short cut to Nuttersville; you should have learned that when you first moved to the Acornian Forest! Get him Chitter Chatter! Get him Bushy Fluff!"
(CHITTER CHATTER and BUSHY FLUFF appear from the trees and all three squirrels continue laughing as a very angry MR. SNIPPET pulls himself out of the mud and onto shore. Throwing his satchel back over his shoulder he stomps his big feet and walks away.)
NUTTER BUTTER: "See ya later bigfoot!"

(NUTTER BUTTER, CHITTER CHATTER, and BUSHY FLUFF are playing above the roaring river, jumping from tree to tree.)
BUSHY FLUFF (boastfully): "I can jump across the river into the branches of that oak tree!"
(BUSHY FLUFF takes a daring leap and lands safely on the other side. CHITTER CHATTER follows.)
NUTTER BUTTER (Arrogantly): "You think that's impressive? Watch this!"
(NUTTER BUTTER leaps to a distant tree and grabs a branch that snaps under his weight and both stick and squirrel plummet into the raging river.)
(NUTTER BUTTER flails his arms wildly as he's swept into the current.)
NUTTER BUTTER: "Help! I can't swim!"
(A mouse with oversized feet and ears comes paddling down the river in a canoe.)
MR. SNIPPET: "Nutter Butter! I'm coming, can you hang on?"
NUTTER BUTTER (nearly in tears): "Please, somebody! Help me!!!"
MR. SNIPPET: "Do you think you can take hold of my foot while I pull you in?"
(NUTTER BUTTER grabs hold of MR. SNIPPET'S foot and is heaved into the boat.)
MR. SNIPPET: "Are you all right, Nutter Butter?"
NUTTER BUTTER (teeth chattering): "Y-y-ya."
(MR. SNIPPET rows them to shore and helps the shivering NUTTER BUTTER out of the boat.)
NUTTER BUTTER: "T-thank you m-m-Mr. S-Snippet."
CHITTER CHATTER and BUSHY FLUFF (at the same time): "Nutter Butter! Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened? How did you survive?"
NUTTER BUTTER (shivering): "M-Mr. Snippet saved m-m-my life!"
BUSHY FLUFF (turning to Mr. Snippet): "Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much! Nutter Butter doesn't know how to swim, and he would have surely drowned if it hadn't been for you! Thank you, thank you!"
MR. SNIPPET: "It was nothing. I just merely happened to be paddling by."
NUTTER BUTTER (warmer now): "Why did you save me Mr. Snippet? I was so mean to you last week! You could have just let me drown."
MR. SNIPPET: "You don't think I would've done that, Nutter Butter? Yes, you were very very mean to me last week, but do you think I'd be so angry that I would let you lose you life?"
NUTTER BUTTER: "I'm so sorry, Mr. Snippet! The whole thing with the mud pit was my idea! It was stupid and I never should have done it! Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"
MR. SNIPPET: "Forgive you, Nutter Butter? Why, don't you know that I've already forgiven you? You don't think I'm the kind of person to be angry do you? Just promise me that you won't be mean to people who look different, can you do that?"
NUTTER BUTTER: "Oh, I promise, Mr. Snippet! After all, the big foot that I made fun of was the foot that saved my life!"

The author's comments:
A play I wrote for a creative writing contest.

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