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Tandoori Tenderness MAG

By Anonymous

Each time that I have ingested
Curry-flavored Indian food
Romance-flavored reveries
Of the nighttime have ensued

'Tis but a strange occurrence
How vulnerable is my mind?
Visions are always created
Dating back to the tamarind

Last night was no exception
For when I slept after the meal
I conjured up a woman I fancied
Imaginary yet with much appeal

We were at a baseball game
Merely spectators of the sport
I had gone just as an aficionado
Not for excitement of any other sort

Between innings I looked
And discovered across the aisle
A heavenly figure whose image
Immediately brought me to smile

One row across and in front,
She apparently was rather near
Yet a true encounter was distant
As I viewed her only from the rear

Red was her color of choice
Not just of my heart on fire
For her hat, shorts, and shoelaces
Showed a color preference in attire

Also there was her shirt
That which was colored white
Like the upward concavity of the shoelaces
It shined a positive light

Her hair was smooth and long
The brown strands flowed with such beauty
Needing to see and know her more
I recognized my duty

I set my peanuts to the floor
As from sitting I arose
To begin my journey seemingly
Across a multitude of rows

I saw her face, so smooth
Comparable to the prettiest beaches of sand
We gazed at each other at that moment
Surely destined to be together and

It was then that I awoke abruptly
As soon as I had reached her seat
Despite the sudden end I still love these dreams
That result from certain foods that I eat

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i love this !