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Locker Buddies?

May 1, 2011
By ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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(LOCKER BUDDIES is a humorous play featuring a conversation between two high school seniors.)

(EVANGELINE is at her locker, just standing with its door open, until ANTHONY enters.)

EVANGELINE: Hey, Anthony.

ANTHONY: Hey. (Unlocks locker.)

EVANGELINE: How was your weekend?

ANTHONY: It was good. (Pulls backpack off shoulders, unzips it, takes out books, and places everything in locker.)

EVANGELINE: . . . (Expects him to ask about her weekend.) . . . (ANTHONY says nothing. Disappointed, EVANGELINE keeps talking.) Well, what’d you do?

ANTHONY: Uh, I hung out with some friends and we played video games.

EVANGELINE: Let me guess. Black Ops. (Forces smile.)

ANTHONY: (Does not face EVANGELINE.) Yep. (Retrieves notebook. Closes locker, locks it.)



ANTHONY: Did the five minute bell ring yet?


(ANTHONY leaves locker to exit hallway.)

EVANGELINE: Hey, wait!


EVANGELINE: (Annoyed.) Why do you always do that?

ANTHONY: (Confused.) Do what?

EVANGELINE: Leave me hanging when I’m talking to you.


EVANGELINE: Whenever I try to have a conversation with you?

ANTHONY: Well, what did I do?

EVANGELINE: I just told you! You leave me hanging! As in, you just turn away from our conversation. If you don’t want to talk to me, or you don’t even like me, just say so. I’m tired of speaking to you and not knowing what you think.

ANTHONY: (Still confused.) Wait. What? (Leans against his locker.)

EVANGELINE: I mean, we’re locker buddies. I go to your baseball games, because I’m manager, and I spoil you guys rotten. But, you don’t talk to me. I know I’m the only girl in the dugout, but still. You can at least acknowledge me.

ANTHONY: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

EVANGELINE: (Upset.) I know what I’m saying. Even when I try to talk to you online you don’t respond to me. I know you’re a bit shy, but we know each other enough to converse. I mean, you saw me bawl my eyes out at the retreat. So, you don’t have to be afraid of me or anything. Like I said, if I bother you or something, you can tell me.

ANTHONY: (Concerned.) What’s going on?

EVANGELINE: Sometimes I catch you looking at me in class or wherever we are. You confuse me. I try speaking to you, but you give me one-word responses.

ANTHONY: (Realizes she is mistaken.) Eve, you’re going nuts.

EVANGELINE: (Frustrated.) I am not!

ANTHONY: (Smiles and laughs.) Yes, you are!

EVANGELINE: (Not responding to his previous comments.) I know you get hyper sometimes, I’ve seen you! You’re not quiet all the time.

(ANTHONY laughs.)

EVANGELINE: I know what I’m saying. You’re just not listening.

ANTHONY: Yeah, I hear you, not that you make any sense. (Laughs.)

EVANGELINE: Why are you laughing at me?

ANTHONY: Because. You make me laugh. (Laughs again.)


ANTHONY: You’re crazy. (Smiles.)

EVANGELINE: Oh, thanks. (Crosses arms over chest.)

ANTHONY: (Stands upright.) But, seriously, I don’t know why you’re saying this. Yeah, I give you short responses to basically whatever you say, but I still talk to you, don’t I?

EVANGELINE: Well, yes, but—

ANTHONY: And even when you’re being hysterical at times, like when you’re mad at your locker, I’m not a jerk to you, am I?


ANTHONY: I don’t talk to you in the dugout because I have to stay focused. So do you!


ANTHONY: I’m that big of a talker. You know this.


ANTHONY: You do your thing, I do mine. I appreciate having you as a friend, but most of the time I have no idea what to say to you.


ANTHONY: Yeah, it’s that complicated. (Smiles.)


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