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The Rain

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

I walked down the street, silent and alone. After school, detention, home, and work, my day could get no worse. I felt a rain drop on my bare arm. Within seconds it began to pour. I began to jog. If only I had been faster to leave work, i would have made the bus. If only. My house wasn’t for several more miles when i noticed a man jogging after me. He was strong built, middle aged, and looked determined. I remembered stories from when i was younger about kids in high school getting abducted and raped. I began to sprint, but a bolt of lightening hit a nearby tower and all the street lights went out. In panic, I sprinted faster. That was a foolish thing to do. I could not see two inches in front of me, much less the ditch until i fell into it. I a tumbling mess of cuts and bruises if slipped uncontrollably down the hill. I could not stop, see or hear beyond my screams. I landed with a thud on the ground near a hundred feet down unable to feel anything beyond the pinecone in my neck, the stinging in my cuts and wounds, and the rain beating down on my motionless body. I lay on the ground in my tank top and shorts crying rather pathetically. My legs were dead, my arms, their company. As I fought to remain conscious i saw the stranger peer over the side of the hill once the lights were turned back on. I screamed. He seemed to neither see nor hear me and walked away. Despite my effort, i felt myself losing the raging battle for consciousness and the world faded away. I woke back up in a hospital, still in my bloody, yellow tank top and shorts, and walking. I walked aimlessly around the halls seemingly unnoticed. A bed came rolling around the corner with several nurses, a man, and a women in labor. I knew this was a dream, but i also knew that if i woke up, i would never see my mother again. The bed whipped into the O.R.. I skipped what must have been hours and found myself in the O.R. next to my father who was crying over my mothers lifeless body on the operating table. The doctor came in and explained to my father that he could not take the baby because of his previous drug abuse record. I knew i was the baby and pleaded the doctor to let him have the baby, but was ignored. My argument was cut short as i skipped time and found myself in the hospital parking lot. I noticed a black pick up with my dad in it and jumped out of the way. Just as i hit the ground, i was taken to the orphanage where i grew up. My mother’s cousin owned the orphanage. I was taken to the worst day i could ever remember. It was the day my best friend, Jennifer, was adopted by a middle aged couple from Maine. I could not take anymore of this torture. I sat down and cried. I felt the rain on my skin again. I had finally regained conciseness. I saw several more people on the ledge shining flashlights at me. The paramedics climbed down the hill on ropes and a helicopter hovered overhead. I screamed because it was the only thing i could do. One of the men called down t me. “Hold on” he called. My arms began to regain feeling, but i grimaced in pain as i saw the piece of bone puncturing the skin of my leg. One of the paramedics spoke with me to keep me conscious. “What is your name?” He asked me kindly as he checked my many wounds. “Christiana McMorgan” i answered “i changed my last name two years ago to my father’s name. I never knew him.” He stepped away to radio in to the police and ambulance and told the copter to lower the bed so i could be strapped in and taken to the ambulance and transported to the local hospital. In the ambulance the stranger came along for questioning. Why he was being questioned in the ambulance, i had no idea. I just rationalized that it was procedure and forgot about it. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the pain. “What is your name” the police office began questioning the man. “George McMorgn” he annunciated. My eyes snapped open. “Could you repeat that?” i inquired. “George McMorgan” he repeated with smile. “I’m your father Christiana, I’ve been looking for you. A Jennifer Gold told me where i could find you.” I heard the siren and the rain pinging on the roof of the ambulance as everyone stood completely still and quiet. I smiled and drifted away into the rain.

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