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Love Hunted

November 10, 2007
By Anonymous

My alarm clock started blarring music at excatly 5:30 AM. I rolled over and stared blankly at the ceiling, I must have dozed off because the door swung open and my mom's face appeared in front of mine.
"June, get out of bed, it's 6:30, you're going to miss the bus," She practilly yelled at me. I winced and sat up.
"Well get out of my room," I mumbled and got out of bed. She left and I grabbed a pair of pants and shirt and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I made it to the bus and sunk into one of the seats. I put my iPod on and looked out the window at the blurring scenery. I guess I should tell you what I do in my spare time. I hunt vampires, yes vampires. Sure people think they don't exist but people didn't think Global Warming was actually real until a few years ago. They're here, just in the shadows of the night. The chances of you seeing one, is pretty high. You probably see one everytime you go to a bar or concert.
The night before had been exhausting, I had tracked a pretictural vampire half the night before finally cornering him. As I went to stake him, he kissed me, and dissappered. I spent the rest of the night, puking, and swearing. Not only did I have school and hunting to worry about I now had to worry about this stupid blood sucker. If he wanted to find me, he could very easyly. The thought of him creeping into my bedroom while I was sleeping made me cringe.
The bus stoped at a new stop and I paused the music. Whispers flared as a new kid got on the bus. I glanced to the front and didn't see the new kid. I went back to looking out the window when I noticed someone sat next to me. I turned around to tell them to move, and turned speachless. The vampire that had kissed me the night before sat smiling at me.

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