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Memory of the Birds

November 7, 2007
By Anonymous

What a crisp, clear morning that mid-October day was. While sitting on my old wooden white porch all I felt like doing was flying away. I did not want to think about all the things that lay ahead of me. And then, almost as if in response to my already grouchy attitude, my feet started, one before the other, to rise above the ground. I was a little uneasy at first, probably because I was not use to flying yet, but I quickly began to learn the right way to lean or turn in a direction so I did not lose my balance. Feeling the rush of that freezing air wisp past my face, and the burn of my eyes as they began to water for the first time, realization came to me. I was flying! I was actually flying! With adrenaline pumping through my veins I soared faster and higher up into the air without a care in the world. It seemed almost as if the clouds were opening up to me, beckoning me to join them. Even though it must have been at least less that 10 degrees I felt comforted. Breathing in that fine thin air was like a breath of life.

But where would I go? I could stay up in the glistening blue sky with all the birds to keep me company. But, would I eventually get hungry or tired? If I landed could I get back up again? I wasn’t sure where I was anyway. Then all of a sudden, I heard a sound, quite distinct, almost like music. Feeling distracted I quickly turned around in the direction of where the noise was coming from. What I saw was indescribable. A flock of snow white birds were all in a perfect symmetrical diagonal line right in front of me. They seemed to be singing. But this was not the ordinary morning bird song I usually hear. It was an actual song, with a melody and harmony as well. I have to say it is probably the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard. Gentle, but strong. Quiet, yet piercing. Confident, but humble. As calm as I was, adrenaline started running through my body again. The birds turned as if to tell me to follow. Shivering from excitement and cold I carefully glided towards them. Hearing the soft beat of the music against the wind as we glided through that breathtaking cool air I had a sense of total peace. I felt almost as if I had joined the flock and had became one of those beautiful, gracious birds. Maybe I was singing along with them, I do not know. Together we soared over crystal clear ocean water, passed glistening snowcapped mountains. We even smelled the sharp scents of Indian Spices. My favorite place had to be the deserted beaches of Italy and Egypt. The air smelled of clear salt water that tickled my sunburned nose. The birds swooped down onto the grainy, sandy beaches picking off juicy ripe fruits. Eating some and also sharing some with me. The whole time they continued the beat of the soothing song. Biting into a sweet, sticky ripe piece of fruit was like stepping into heaven. As we soared past ancient ruins and the Eiffel Tower, I guess I could truly say, “I am free as a bird.”

I silently followed the still beautiful birds along with their gracious song, feeling drained but still not yet tired. We came to what looked like the place we had met. Realization came to me once again. This must be where they were going to leave me. I looked over to the setting sun which was casting a deep orange glow. How I wish to stay up here forever, and never leave this truly wonderful peaceful sky. The birds seemed to understand. Without a sound, (except for their singing) they began to form a tight circle around me almost as if to give me a hug. Laughing, I thanked them, not caring if they didn’t understand the words, though it seemed they did. They started flapping their wings creating a gentle tunnel of wind. I closed my eyes to stop them from tearing. I was falling gently away from the pink and orange sky and the beautiful birds and their wonderful song. I know I should have felt sad to leave but I did not. I was laughing, feeling giddy and lightheaded. I was at peace. Silently,I stepped onto the cold hard earth. I opened my eyes. How could this be? I was sitting on my porch swing just as I had done that same morning. I then understood. Did I truly leave this earth? It was the same place and time I left. I got up a little unsteadily, stretching only to enjoy this world a minute longer. Facing the fact that I must start my day. Silently, I carried the memory of the birds and their song with me for the rest of the day.

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