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The alien

February 9, 2011
By Destiny2Isa GOLD, Lansing, Illinois
Destiny2Isa GOLD, Lansing, Illinois
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It's just whateva
See what had happened was...
I'm just saying...
So you mad?
How much wood. (stops) " I don't give a crap!"

I don't understand why she doesn't see what everyone else does. her beauty is and has always been there. but as she looks into the mirror she sees a monster someone who has never been able to fit in. She is alone in a world where everyone has and needs a friend. Even when she is around so many people she is always alone. The truth is she can never ever be in with the rest of the crowd. her mother overlooks her as just another child. And her sickly brother takes the attention she needed. She crys at night. and her arm bares her wounds and as her tears drop the fall in the wounds of unloved. She has nothing or she believe she doesn't. and she is written of as that girl, whether there is an title to her or not depends on the person. She is that person that everyone looks at but she never looks back. Her beauty is in the actions of her heart as well as the likelihood of her physical experience. she is the child of the prophet. The destiny of the world. She is our next generation.If only she could, she would, see her path as a new species. She is the alien....

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