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Help Me

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Crying all night and her eyes filled with tears, this has been going on for so many years. She's locked up in a room, can't talk on the phone, and desperate to talk to her boyfriend because she's so alone. She's miserable can't you see! Screaming her heart out, saying Help ME! Breathing deeply trying not to weep more, for that she thinks this is a way of her parents settling the score. Teachers calling her house saying she just sits around. For that, she always mopes and frowns. She feels like she's a dummy, a stupid ugly girl. She bets that when her parents think of her they hurl. Parents hate her; kids tease her, for she will give anything for someone to please her. Crawling on the floor looking for light. For if only she had the perfect sight, she could fight the darkness and find true happiness. Knowing that this is not how it's suppose to be, she hopes to be free. Free from rules, free from lies, free from what’s and free from whys is how she wants it to be. She's different in so many ways. She probably thinks she's been locked up for days but it's only been three hours. Desperate for fresh air she sees a window. Is this a sign of hope? Could she escape? If she does will she get raped? SHE JUMPS! She hears a knock at the door, and she opens it. It was her mom and dad, and by the looks on their faces they were mad. They beat her and beat her, then locked her door. I saw the whole thing. Knowing that when her parents beat her, it had to sting. She looks out the window and stares at me. She goes to the window and spells out " Get Me Out Of Here. Please Help Me"

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