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Costa Rica

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

There is nothing better, she thought to herself, then looking out and seeing this. All the windowed walls were locked in position up against the ceiling, making the entire room open to the forces of nature. From here she had a straight shot to the ocean, although the view was slightly blurred currently. The small forest of brush in between glowed green, thanks to the water falling from the sky. The sun sporadically sprang through the dark clouds off on the horizon line, sending rays of light over the water. Even with the murky clouds overhead, you could tell the ocean’s turquoise color. It had a slight steam rising from it at the moment, which she assumed was from the slight chill in the weather. The air tasted salty and fresh because she was so near the sea. She loved how rain did made everything feel new again, the shore looks so much cleaner after a storm, she thought to herself. She sat back in the rounded seat she was sitting in, taking a deep breathe in as she went. Feeling the muggy air fill her lungs soothed her further, and she momentarily closed her eyes to listen. She heard the rain hitting the cement patio and the small creatures moving in the bushes below. It made her smile to know she wasn’t the only one witnessing this moment. It was too perfect to miss.

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