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Sailing The Moon

November 29, 2007
By Anonymous

Sean sat on the edge of his patio. He was waiting for something. Sean was staring at the moon. It would be wonderful to leave this place. To never return. But he couldn't. He was trapped by the endless struggle that was his life. Sean laid back too look at the stars. He was just beginning to think about what a great place the moon would be to live when he fell asleep

Sean awoke to the sound of aloud engine being started up. He sat up and stared out to his lawn. There in the middle of it, was the biggest ship he had ever seen. Sean got up so fast that he almost hit his head on the banister of the patio. He ran to the ship and made his way up a rope to the deck.

It was a sailing boat. The boat was small but it was durable. Sean walked up the stairs and grabbed hold of the wheal. It vibrated at his touch. Sean could feel his adrenaline running at hyper speed though his body. 'How do you make it go?' Sean thought.

And at that thought, the ship rose into the sky and streaked away off towards the moon. Sean steered around trees and skyscrapers, wanting more than anything to get to the moon. He broke through the troposphere or atmosphere or whatever it was, and into the universe.

He was almost to the moon. The stars were even closer now then they were when he was on earth. Sean skyrocketed to the moon. He went around and around it. Looking at every one there. People were going about their daily business as he watch them from above. He felt a tug at his arm. When he looked down, there was no one there.

"Sean, it's time to come inside," said a voice from far, far away. He recognize it but didn't reply. "Sean you need to take your pills. Remember the last time you didn't?"

Sean stayed where he was, ignoring the voice. He was where he belonged. Sailing the moon, just like in his dreams.

"Sean, you really need to take your pills before you go to bed," said the voice.

"Go away," he told the voice after it wouldn't stop. "I am sailing the moon. Just like in my dreams."

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