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Hoppy’s non so Happy Life

November 16, 2007
By Anonymous

Hoppy is a kangaroo that lives on the vast perfect weather of Planet Animal in the year 6000. Hoppy is the type of animal one would call “emo” (emotionally depressed). Life is a female bulldog that is black in fur who doesn’t like Hoppy too much because she is jealous. She is always trying to make his life more and more miserable. Hoppy isn’t very social for a sixteen year old. Since he is Emo, he has black hair and a stripped jacket. Not too many people like Hoppy, so he only has two friends. One friend is Frost, the black and white penguin that is fourteen with brown hair. His other friend is Rocco, the gray and black furred raccoon who is thirteen with blondish hair.

So Hoppy never had a life any animal on the whole planet could want. His father had died while he was still a mere Joey (baby kangaroo) in his mother’s pouch. His mother is a bartender who comes home late and drunk as can be. And finally his sister, Fluffy, the twenty-three year old pink dingo, just got out of jail for doing drugs. One summer Hoppy got a break from Life since she went on a vacation. Since she was away, things started to look up for him. He had meet this beautiful swan and fallen feet over pouch for her. They lasted a little over a month together. He still misses her at times. How could that truly work out anyway?

As soon as Life returned, she made sure his life was worse than death itself. After two months she had the perfect plan. One day Hoppy came home and caught Fluffy sleeping with a drug slug. Hoppy was scared to go home again. After much negotiation Hoppy was able to live with his grandmother, Maxie, the blue turtle. He did attempt to cut his feet so he would die, but Frost prevented him in doing so. Once the slug was arrested, Hoppy went home again.

Life still wasn’t happy with the troubles she caused so she devised another plan of evil. While Hoppy was hanging out with Frost and Rocco,
she burnt his house down to a crisp. Maxie found out first and told Frost and Rocco. They told him this, “Look man we were just informed on something tragic, your… your… your house is gone.” Hoppy replied with a simple, “Why does everything happen to me?” No one knew how to answer. People started being nice to Hoppy. Seeing him happy made Life infuriated. Hoppy was informed of this but could careless as long as he was alive. This made Life realize that she crossed the line by destroying his life and Joeyhood memories.

Life decided to be nice for once. She gave him money to buy some new possessions. She was also nice enough to find him a temporary house. Every now and then she can’t help but tease him, but for the most part she has moved on, until recently where she picked on Frost. He had thought he had found a beautiful penguin mate in which he fell feet over flippers for. It turned out she didn’t feel the same way. He was devastated but Life found it hilarious. One week later Hoppy, Rocco, and Frost were hanging out with each other laughing at the things that just passed. And life was perfect for him for the rest of his life.

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