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God's Crying

November 13, 2010
By cool5593 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
cool5593 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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When your a kid, life is good. You don’t go to school until your five, you get to enjoy the nice summer days, you are just free to roam the backyard as long as you want, and you are so adorable and get attention, because you’re the “baby”. In your mind you don’t quite understand so you think of the funniest things, I know because it’s happened to me. I was only a little girl, not even in school yet.
The sun light had not been out all day, but all day it had rained since the morning until the night, The day had gusty winds, gray angry skies and tsunami like rain.That day I wasn’t allowed out to play, because, “I could catch a cold ” said my mother.
Because the weather was bad, I tried to keep myself busy, by still behaving well. I loved my mom and I didn’t want her to have a heart attack with my bad behavior, so I grabbed a chair from the kitchen and sat in front of the foggy window.
I observed the fierce weather that was going on out side, while I, on the other hand, was inside of my cozy dry shell like a turtle. I so badly wanted to play in the rain, but instead I kept my mind on the thought of why it rained?
I asked my mom,”Why does it rain?
She explained as least scientifical as possible that she could, “God is angry that we behave bad.He’s crying because there’s people that do bad things and He’s upset with us.Since you behave well, you have nothing to worry about, do you?”
My mom would then walk off and leave me sitting on the couch, to stare out the window in wonder. I would stare out the window into nothing and think,”What did I do wrong, I didn’t want to make God cry,”
The weather going on out side was so fierce and wild like an animal,that it was so hard not to believe that God was doing such thing, since he is so big, he was capable of such thing, I mean I would think any young child could believe this. I feel so foolish like a clown now that I come to think of it.

After several minutes of thinking and thinking about my behavioral errors, I would look up into the water pouring sky and whisper, “I’m sorry!” Although I never actually knew why or what I was apologizing for, I knew that it was for something bad. I also knew that if I didn’t apologize, I would surly go with the devil for the rest of my life, I didn’t want to “burn in hell”.

The author's comments:
This was just a memory that happened to pop in my head while thinking of something to write, so I chose to write about it.

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