January 12, 2010
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"What is happening??!!..Samantha...Samantha..are you alright dear??".Samantha Green. Grade 9, longer way high school , age 14. Samantha, also named Sammy by the near and dear ones, lay unconscious on the floor of her classroom. By the time the teachers and her friends could take her to the hospital wing, she had started to wake up and when she reached the wing, she felt hot drops of bitter medicine being pushed into her mouth. Within no time Samantha was sleeping like a dead log...no dreams...no nudges...nothing. Just peaceful slumber.
After approximately 9 hours of sleep, Samantha gained consciousness. "I have no idea what happened!I dont know how she entered that place?? The classes were all locked!", she heard her teacher telling someone."Don't worry miss Mead. We do not blame you for our daughter's behaviours and own written misfortunes.", Samantha heard her dad reciprocating "Samantha has been acting quite...inobedient nowadays.she has started liking to stay all alone...she claims to see weird scary dreams now a days...same ones repeatedly. i am sure that neither you nor the school could possible do anything if she refised to stay under suoervision during class hours!" "oh crap!...no..no...no!", Sammy thought to herself. "once i they know i am fine, i am sooo dead. dad's gonna hate me for doing what i have done...!"
Green was born exactly at 5:15 am, on a chill sunday, to an Indian mother. Unfortunately her mother died during delivery, leaving her 3 minute old daughter with a workaholic father, 10 servants, a huge bunglow and property which would last her and her next generation! days passed by and Samantha was not taken care of properly. What could a father possibly do to raise a motherless daughter? Fortunate that Smmy was, she soon got a mother!
Lets take a flash through Mr.Green's past. Thomas Green was born in Germany, brought up in Europe, Africa and The United States. Being rich as he was, Green was never the lazy bum who would live upon his ancestorial money and power.With full knowledge of how he would be the soul owner of this economic galore, he still fancied travelling place to place rather than staying back home and enjoying the comforts.He thus reached India, in the metropolitan city of Chennai, where the second oldest language after sanskrit, called Tamil was spoken. Culturally bound yet economically and literally strong,this city was and is still stated as the best city of India.Here is where, this young man of 21 completed his last years of college in the field of engineering and also the place where he met Neena, with whom Green eventually eloped to the States due to the dismissal of his and Neena's relationship by her family. Resembling her colour and the structure of her eyes, arrived Samantha...and with her came another angel, Catherine Paul, who ended up marrying Thomas Green and thus became the sociological mother of Sammy!
Catherine was definnetly not one those cruel, witch like step-mothers who are shown in movies and portrayed in story books. She loved Sammy dearly, as any mother would love her daughter. Sammy had never seen Neena ever before and her loss never hurt her because of this. It was all clear that she was the daughter of Mr.Green and his second wife, a girl crazy over magic and thus a great follower of the Harry Potter series. Sammy only wished she would be one of the other Potter characters who would wave her wand -'a swish and a flick' and would make things fly about the house! She had even made a wand, a witch's hat, and a huge 299 pages long scrap book based on Harry Potter and the stars of the Potter movies.
For the past 4 months Sammy had been getting weird dreams. Most of the times it would be something to do with green and blue light...sometimes it would a sudden flash of a dark body with a skinny head,etc...She had complained about these horrifying dreams first to Catherine who thought-"probably you have just had a overdose of obsession. Once time passes by and your obsession fades away you will stop getting your 'magical dreams'!"." If I do", Sammy retorted "I promise I shall never again have an obsession!" But poor Samantha, it always seemed that she was really getting over her first love(as she named it!) and so renew her mind and fuel it with more of Hogwarts she would watch the movies all over again! :)
But her dad was more of the serious type. Sometimes she felt that probably there had been a mistake when God had created her mom-dad. Probably Green should have been the mom and Catherine the dad! Thomas Green was more of the hovering type."Have you completed your home work sammy...why are you talking over the phone so long??...why the heck have you gone down in your literature marks again??...do not wear such short skirts!!...junior prom??i shall think...." Catherine was more of the "let the girl be...do you have a new bf??....why did you break up....why don't you go to sleep overs nowadays??..."type,and as anyone would have expected, Sammy's dad had consulted a psychiatrist, a sooth sayer and even went to the extent of locking her books up in the closet and kept the key away."There is no such thing called magic. If there would have been there would no world wars, nothing!There are no schools which teach magic either..so you better get out of your dream land and concentrate on your education!!" but alas! this just worsened the case as she started getting those dreams more often! Sometimes she would just drop to the floor and start dreaming!!

All her friends by now knew why Sammy had been upset and had tried hard to cheer her up...but all in vain!Its fine girls", she would say"could i just be alone for sometime.Very unusually Sammy had started to become a loner...she liked stayinng alone. Sometimes she would even forget to switch the lights and fans on and would rest over her window grill, gazing into the unknown.It was the 30th of December and her school had conducted a New Year program.Students were instructed to be strictly under adult supervision due to the dangerous fire acts being performed in the open football ground. As a rule the class rooms were to be closed till the holidays ended and thus there was no way that any of Sammy's friends or Sammy could enter the rooms.
It was late evening, and samantha was all dressed up and waited for her friend's Stacy and Amy to join her. As they came, stacy sighed to Sammy,"sad we can't stare into the hot new senior's class today!!" and they walked giggling to each other. Time went by and they were enjoying the fire acts, when Sammy suddenly saw a light flashing and it seemed to enter the school!"hey Amy did you see that, something just entered the school campus!" but Amy was too busy looking at the fun.Leaving them, Sammy entered the school and saw that one of the class rooms were open! She pushed the doors and got in "Any one there??" She looked all around but found nothing. As she was going out she heard a laugh from the back. It was more of a kind laugh but SHE was REALLY SCARED!! Astounded she turned around and saw a greenish blue light blinding her eye and a mouth inbetween the glow, revealing its teeth and smiling.Astonished and terrified Sammy ran for the door and found it locked! she thumped hard on it....and dropped unconscious again, on the spot!
Compelled by the request of her teacher and catherine, thomas green restrained from scolding or taking any other harsh action on the girl. but samantha's father's killong stares and peircing silence was enough to make her scared at the same time guilty for her doings. next day sammy was home, fit as if nothing had ever happened! she was smiling as you should be on new year's eve. the morning was spend decorating the house and in the evening when mr.green had come back his temperament had not chilled yet. consulting and heeding to catherine's advice, sammy decided to apologise and say a simple 'sorry' to her dad once he came out dressed up to cut the delicious chocolate cake bought specially for the new year's eve, to be cut exactly at midnight! when her dad finally came out and sat down, smantha trodded toward's her dad, kneeled down and said," dad, i am really...really sorry for the trouble i have given in the past few months. specially what i did yesterday is unforgivable!...but you are the elder one...won't you forgive me for what happened??! to err is human right?..it was a mistake for an experience!..please!...pretty please!!". samantha looked up with expectant eyes and saw a broad smile etched on her father's face. "mistake for an experience!..yeah right?!", he said, giggling. elated, sammy jmped up on the sofa and hugged her dad tight, when exactly the clock struck midnight. "happy new year to all!!", sammy screamed. "happy new year to you too dear!..and remember there is STILL no school like hogwarts!" her dad told her with a concerned smile. no sooner did he finished, there was a loud squeal from some where. they turned around and swa a bird flying towards there balcony! it entered the balcony and came into the room, dropped a letter on sammy's lap, and shooted out of the window, in the opposite direction. Sammy picked the letter up and both she and her dad had there eyes wide open, with shock as they read the address on the letter. it read:










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