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The Rise of the Oak King

December 7, 2009
By crazyHchan SILVER, Nagoya, Other
crazyHchan SILVER, Nagoya, Other
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Proudly on the hill top she waits, standing beside her snowy white war stallion, radiant and loyal. Her long strawberry hair flows in the sharp icy winds of winter and she mounts the rugged leather saddle of her horse. The trees that dominate above her somewhat shield her and her army, and soon the footsteps and hooves of the enemy and their horses can be heard, approaching. Thirrin Freer Strong in the Arm Lindenshield, Wildcat of the North, once Princess, but now Queen of the Icemark watches undisturbed as they emerge from the other side of the hill, but inside her heart is pounding like a thousand drums in unison. She knows that she is outnumbered, and feels a wave of horror and panic, but she quickly conceals this, not wanting her soldiers and cavalry to sense anything. Although nervous, she is prepared for the bloody battle that will soon commence.
On the other side of the hill, Cassius Brontus, commander of the Polypontain Army sends order out to his troops to make their way up the steep slope, not anticipating what they are about to encounter. Cassius Brontus mulls the plan over in his head and thinks of how easily he will wipe out the army, commander, and capture Princess Thirrin. A beastly smile crosses his face, but then his jaw drops to the ground when he sees the army of the Icemark is already aware of his arrival. To his surprise, the commander is 14 year old Princess Thirrin of the Icemark. Before he can ponder this thought, his army charges forward along with Thirrin’s and everyone hacks at each other furiously. The army of the Icemark begin to chant their war cry, ‘‘Out, OUT, Out, OUT, Out, OUT, OUT, OUT!’’Blood, cherry coloured like juice splashes and splurges about in every direction while valiant soldiers lie asleep on the ground, never to wake up again.
Thirrin watches in dismay as Cassius Brontus’ colossal army continues to remain strong, fighting and never breaking their line. A tear rolls down her cold cheek and for a moment she is no longer Queen of the Icemark, for a moment she is Thirrin, a 14 year old girl, terrified. Thirrin’s soldiers look towards her, clearly distressed by her sadness. If their leader has lost faith, then certainly there is no hope for the Icemark and its people. Thirrin sees that they are tense and quickly pulls her self together and chants the war cry, “OUT, Out, OUT!”
Thirrin looks towards the trees and an idea emerges. Recently, she made an alliance with the Oak King of the Forest; perhaps he could help the Icemark. Unsure and uncertainly, Thirrin looks straight up at the highest tree, taller than a skyscraper and says, “Oak King, we call upon you now! It is Thirrin Freer Strong in the Arm Lindenshield Wildcat of the North, and as you can see we need some help fighting this battle. We can not do it alone, so if you, your greatness could send us some of your soldiers, it would be very much appreciated.”

Thirrin continues to stare hopefully up at the trees, but sadly nothing happened and Thirrin really starts to lose confidence; she has no idea of what to do next. Before she can open her mouth to speak, a forceful wind abruptly whooshes throughout the forest causing the clang of swords and the moans of the injured to cease. The cavalry, soldiers, Thirrin, even Cassius Brontus glance back and to their bewilderment the trees start to come forth and move. Their roots are pulled straight out of the earth and slowly, but surely, the soldiers of the Oak King come to save the future of the Icemark. Thirrin gasps and whispers, “Thank you Oak King, this will be remembered.”

The soldiers of the Oak King advance against the enemy, arousing a long forgotten energy to be restored to the soldiers and cavalry of the Icemark. “OUT, OUT, Out, OUT, Out, Out, Out, OUT, OUT!”

After another hour the Icemark is victorious, all thanks to the Oak King. Thirrin sits triumphantly on the back of he steed. The cavalry and troopers shout out jubilantly. Although Thirrin has succeeded in her first fight, she is conscious of the greater battles that lie ahead. Unable to relax; the plans for the next battle are already forming in her head.

The author's comments:
This is my own re-write/review of a chapter in a novel that I read. Enjoy!

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