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November 25, 2009
By szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
szulc12 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Two days ago I was walking to work, when two men pulled out their revolvers and opened fire. Stuck in the middle of this shoot-out, I attempted to get away, but I was blinded by a reflection of sunlight off by the weapon of one of the culprits. Frantically, I yelled, “Stop this madness!” The shooters showed inexorableness when they started shooting. All with me in the middle of it!
Over the past year gun sales have skyrocketed. Guns are running rampantly through the city. The police force is failing to put duress on these criminals. This week alone, there have been three deaths. And a total of 27 this month! Citizens are beginning to question the ethics of the mayor for focusing on his political career rather than the livelihood of Milwaukeeans. This flagrant disregard for the safety of citizens is outrageous.
I hear sirens, getting louder and louder by each second. I just need to hold out 15 more seconds. I dare not make another inane attempt to stop the shooters. A clandestine officer hit the first culprit and dropped him to the ground. The other was concurringly taken down by two officers.
Citizens of Milwaukee, I admonish you about this growing problem. Stop these criminals from running rampant through our city. Write to the mayor and help stop this madness.

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