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The Wise Tell No Tale..( Bill’s Story )

November 5, 2009
By forgotten94 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
forgotten94 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.”

Do you know what it’s like to slowly loose your mind, To be the only one who doesn’t think your crazy? To know if only I’d listen, I’d go back and change it, if only I could. But let me tell you, you cant, I’ve tried… It’s only got me locked up in my mind, I call it my own personal asylum. I’m not crazy, I just see more than you, know more then you, I feel more then you ever will. I’ve spent many years on this earth, learning more than I should. You see I was born July 8th 1920, to a happy couple named Mr.& Mrs. Venezuela, but they were my adopted parents,
They must of knew what I was to become, yes. I did not.
We lived in a grand house off the coast of England, where I was raised on the huge farm. I spent many days helping milk the cows, tending the sheep, and helping the servants cook. But in 1929, when I was ten, I saw truly what my parents were trying to hide me from. They were terrifying beasts, who feasted on the blood of innocent, elderly, and unsuspecting people. I then devoted my life to finding out what these things were.
I soon found out in 1934, when I was 14, I was offered a tempting offer by a vampire, her offer was for me to become a night stalker, a vampire. At first I declined, but after giving it much thought I accepted her offer. That is, well where my agony began. In 1939, when I was 19 she came back to me and asked if I was ready to complete my transformation, I willingly let her complete me. I waz full vampire now. In 1942 when I was 22 I
made the biggest mistake of my life. I met a man that I befriended, I trusted him with all that I could. But he had a dark secret, he was a vampire hunter! I have never shed the blood of
a human, I never needed to. He led me into a trap, I couldn’t get out of , I knew what I had to do, kill him for it was the only way out. In one quick rip of his throat, he was dead, and I was sent into the most interesting world, I was in a blood lust. I thirst for human blood, and I killed to get it. That was a more depressing time in my life, I killed more and more thirsting for their blood, wanting to rid myself from this terrible hunger. I soon realized what I became, a monster. I was a blood thirsty monster, just like the one I once became so fascinated with. I had to live with what I became in my life, my horrible life, for I knew I would for ever be vampire. In the summer of 1951 I met a rather stunning woman by the name of Jennifer, we later became married in the late spring of 1951. We had two beautiful kids, both girls, we named them Judith, and Elizabeth, I knew they had no choice, they were born into the life I so mistakenly chosen, For my wife didn’t know of this chosen life style, I never told a soul although people had their suspicion. They took after their mother, blonde hair blue eyes, although they got my charm, I figure ill tell them when time comes when they are ready, teach them how to live and love, how to eat and where to go, I wont do to them what she did to me.
In 19 55 my wife died of influenza, I burred her so hesitantly, and I knew I would forever roam this earth a lost soul, wondering from town to town, trying to live a life I so ever gave away.

The author's comments:
it tokko me one day to think this up, but three hours to type this, it just came to me, i had no real say so, i just started to write.

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