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planet x

November 5, 2009
By star600 SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
star600 SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
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I recently came back from a trip to planet x. when I got there I thought I was going to be looked on weird, I thought I was going to be the alien. But when I got there I realized that planet x was a planet made entirely of beings from other planets just like myself. So I approached this being that looked kind of transparent and pinkish, he asides from that looked very terrestrial. so I asked him what was he doing here, and he said, “I have ran away from my planet because we are a race that believes that we are superior from the rest of the beings and thinks that we can torture different looking beings, we are experts at making other beings feel inferior. And I don’t agree with this so I decided to run out into the space and see what was going on in other places. So I found this planet, a planet that has no natives, all of its populance belongs to other planets, galaxies, and dimensions. And I liked it. I thought here I can make it my home, a place where everyone is so different we all end up being equal."
"Wow", I thought. So I said goodbye and kept walking, then I encountered two beings, very different looking from each other. One had a body made entirely of feathers and looked incredibly flexible. The other looked metally and cold. But then I realized that when I looked into their eyes when they were looking at different directions they were two beings. But when they looked at each other its like they suddenly became the same person, I’m guessing they were in love but something stopped me from going over there and talking to them. Then a real weird looking creature, in my opinion, approached me. She was very soft like if you had taken hand lotion and giving it a shape, and didn’t have any features, yet even though she didn’t have a mouth sound came from her. She spoke like if she was perpetually singing. and she said," I can feel your sorrow, I can feel that you feel lonely". Then she touched my face and some of that "hand lotion" that she was made out of was left on my skin. She continued," you feel so far away from home, yet when you were there you couldn’t wait to leave. You saw how your whole planet was wrong, and now you can wait to go back. go back to the beings you know, the taste of the food you ate, and the feeling of familiarity that made you feel so safe. You don’t even know what your mission here is supposed to be. You have been in planet X for an hour now, you know that could be the entire life of a small being, and yet you still haven’t gotten over being perplexed at all the different types of creatures living here. You know, I can not know what they are shaped like. I can only know how they are feeling. And they feel all the same to me. Whatever it is they look like makes no difference to me all their feelings makes them the same race." then I felt her smiling at me. so I thought about my own planet, a planet where we use our visual senses to put a barrier among each other a barrier that says we are different based on our color and features, and even worst on social standing. When what we really are, our essence is completely the same. So with a new view on life and a new mission all the sorrow left my body. And it got full of new energy a starving energy ready to be used. My new mission: come back to earth and teach what I had just learned.

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