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By Anonymous

   "Captain, are you taking your leave in the mountains?" said Otto Valentin's aide.

"Yes Heinrich, I cannot remain in Berlin for another day. That three-day inspection of Auschwitz tired my mind. A really fascinating concept. I must admit the efficiency rate turned out to be ten times better than expected. My leave comes straight from Himmler himself."

"Are you going with your family?"

"No, my friend gave me his cabin for two days, right near some lakeside resort area. However, I never recalled hearing of it before. Anyway, I wouldn't be able to get any rest with the kids."

"Would you like me to call a driver for you?"

"No, thank you, that won't be necessary. I think the driving will clear my mind. Remember to send the troops for those Jewish infants stashed in the church on Main Street. We have to get them young, you know."

"Yes, Captain I will have everything run as smooth as your Porsche. Now, go rest, it's been hard on us all."

"You're right. I'll see you later, Heinrich."

Otto changed downstairs in the officers' locker room and got in his mint, brown Porsche. It even had two Nazi flags on the hood ...When Otto arrived in the mountains, he stopped at a fork in the road. The sign said Bavaria to the left and Lietvus to the right. Looking at his travel brochure, he saw that Lietvus was the name of the lakeside resort. The road heading towards Lietvus was not well-paved, and ash seemed to layer it entirely. After he popped his third Becks, he drove towards Lietvus leaving tire treads in the mysterious ash.

After an hour's drive over windy mountain roads, he finally reached Lietvus. At the gate stood a small man in a light blue uniform with a yellow patch on his left arm.

"Ah, Captain Otto Valentin, your room is suite 333, but I must see your papers first."

"Here they are," said Valentin.

The guard looked over the papers, and after he approved them he opened the gate. As Otto drove in he noticed that the hotel was shaped like the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The hotel stood only thirty yards from the lake. Directly across the lake were the six cabins referred to as the suites. There were six of them numbered 111, 222, 333, and so on. Otto's friend told him to get the keys from the hotel manager. The captain reluctantly gave his car to the valet and went to check in to the hotel.

The building was very odd. It was totally hollow except for the ten-foot high hallway walls. The hallways all led to a pole in the center. Attached to the pole was a winding staircase which led to a platform a hundred feet high where the manager sat. Otto walked up the stairs to introduce himself to Adam, the manager. He noticed that the pole went right through the platform for about another ten feet, and spewed that mysterious ash which he had seen all over the road earlier. Looking over the edge of the platform he saw what he thought to be some sort of star. What beautiful Aryan architecture he thought to himself.

"Hi, I'm Captain Otto Valentin, and I want the keys to suite 333, please," he said to Adam.

"I have your key right here in my pocket. Let me show you to your room," said Adam, as he descended the steps.

For an Aryan, Adam had a large nose, brown eyes and black hair. He could easily be mistaken for a Jew. Adam seemed to be a collection of faces that Otto had seen in his numerous camp inspections. At the bottom of the steps, Otto inquired about the large pole and its purpose.

"Oh, that's an incinerator," replied Adam.

"Really? Why is it here? This is not an extermination camp. I would know. I am the chief inspector of all camps in Germany," said Otto in his arrogant manner.

"Yes, that you are," replied Adam.

Now they had reached the lake and there was no boat to cross. Adam snapped his fingers and the lake parted.

"What the hell - we have some great engineers, don't we, Adam!" screamed Otto.

"We sure as hell do," answered Adam.

The men walked through the lake to the other side. When they were out of the lake, Adam snapped his fingers and the lake returned to normal.

"Does that work by some sort of sound or radar?" inquired Otto.

"Don't worry about it, you are here to relax, Captain Valentin. There's your cabin. Here's your key. I'll have to start the water for you, the switch is in the back. I'll take care of it. You just go inside and relax," said Adam.

"Thank you. You are one of the kindest people I've met during this whole damn war. What was your last name again?" asked Otto.

As Adam shut the door he answered, "Adam Juden, you Nazi pig."

The door locked automatically. The cabin was all metal, even though from the outside it was layered with shingles to resemble a cabin. All the windows had large metal slabs rolled down. The effect was a hot, dark room. Adam went to the back of the cabin and pulled the switch. The floor beneath Otto opened and he fell into a pit of fire.

Adam came out from behind the cabin to watch some ash rise from the pole that directed to the smoke out of the pyramid.n

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