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Poggy And Googa MAG

By Anonymous

   When I was younger I had two imaginary friends. Their names were Poggy and Googa. I blamed everything on them, and used them as my excuse for making mistakes. At one point I went through a stage where I was writing on anything I could get my hands on. I wrote on furniture and walls, but it wasn't really me , it was Poggy and Googa. When I would do something bad or something I knew I shouldn't have done, my mom would approach me with those evil eyes and say "Maggie!" I would reply,>"I didn't do it, Mommy. Poggy and Googa did it."

They were my friends, my special friends, whom I could trust. They would never leave me. They couldn't, but I didn't know that at the time. They were so real, so vivid in my imagination. The two of them sat there next to each other in a little car. That's how I pictured them, because I had a car, a yellow and red one. In it were two men who looked like, or maybe even were my friends, Poggy and Googa. One was never without the other. They were always together, agreeing on everything. They were best buddies.

I don't really remember what my friends look like anymore, but that's because they're gone, gone from me now that I don't need them anymore. I have new friends now, real ones whom I can trust, ones I know will never leave me. As I grow older, I try to hold Poggy and Googa in my memory; I still want them there, even now that I'm older. They were my very first friends. They taught me so much. When I didn't understand something, they helped me. If I was upset or hurting inside, they were always right there to encourage me, to let me know everything was okay. I loved them more than anything else. They were my best friends, and they will never totally leave me. n

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i love this !